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Cooking up innovation: Top BBQ tech for 2014

By - March 16, 2014 46 Pictures
Gathering around a pit of intense heat and vigilantly turning pieces of food at perfectly-timed intervals, otherwise known as barbecuing, has to be one of man's longest and most widely-held traditions. But from singed steaks to chorizo sausages and wood chips to propane, everybody has a slightly different take on how to deliver the perfect feast. As the warmer months approach for many of our readers, and neighbors, friends and family prepare to don their aprons and fire up the grill, Gizmag has smoked out 10 outdoor entertaining innovations that will ensure your backyard cook-up is not one to be missed. Read More
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Inflatable Movie Screens turn a backyard into a Home Theater

By - April 7, 2009 1 Picture
April 8, 2009 Open Air Cinema gets a regular write because its giant inflatable movie screens really do offer the ultimate backyard cinema experience at a ridiculously reasonable price. The lightweight Open Air Home Screens are now available up to 18 feet in size, with the biggest running to just US$1150 and weighing just 17 pounds - just the thing for keeping the troops busy while mom and pop are doing some home entertaining. Read More
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Backyard drive-in: the 16-ft inflatable outdoor screen

By - December 3, 2008 4 Pictures
Looking to add some open-air ambience to your next big screen gathering? While outdoor TVs are the most obvious option, inflatable projection screens present an attractive alternative in terms of affordability, portability and size - which is where Open Air Cinema's gargantuan new Inflatable Movie Screen comes in. Tailored for home use, the 16ft x 9ft screen weighs less than 20 pounds when deflated, withstands winds of up to 20mph and inflates in seconds using the included blower to deliver a 220" diagonal projection surface. The catch - you may have to build your own grandstand. Read More
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Open Air Cinema’s CineBox Backyard Home Theater Kit

By - July 21, 2008 1 Picture
July 22, 2008 Movie nights are always a great way to have a good time with family and friends and you could really "wow" them this summer by leading them through the house and outside to your personal open-air theater in the backyard. Open Air Cinema's CineBox backyard home theater package includes an inflatable movie screen, projector, powerful speakers and DVD player to make your movie night under the stars a real cinema experience. Read More

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