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New tests developed for the addictive potential of computer games

By - February 13, 2013 2 Pictures
Have you ever felt that one computer game is more "addictive" than another? Leaving definitions aside for the moment, it's fair to say that an addictive computer game is likely to be a more successful product than a game that is merely fun to play. Gaming developers apply numerous techniques and tests in an attempt to evaluate which games will hit the right buttons. Now researchers at Academia Sinica and the National Taiwan University (ASNTU) have developed a direct test for the addictiveness of a computer game based on physiological responses of a group of new players. Read More
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OnLive layoffs leave the future of cloud gaming uncertain

By - August 22, 2012 1 Picture
OnLive has gained some steam in the past couple years with its impressive cloud gaming service, which allows modern games to stream instantly to almost any device. In just the past two months alone, the company has announced deals to bring the service to both LG Smart TVs and the Android-based OUYA gaming console. So it was shocking to say the least for OnLive employees to learn this past weekend that all of them were being laid off and the company had been purchased by another firm in a bid to avoid bankruptcy. As one of only two major players in the cloud gaming business and the owner of a number of patents on the technology, the news raises quite a bit of uncertainty for the future of cloud-based gaming. Read More
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OnLive Game System streams online games straight to TV

By - November 28, 2010 7 Pictures
Online gaming service provider Onlive has announced a system that brings its cloud-based, instant-play titles direct to the television. Instead of sitting in front of a console and loading in games via optical disc or waiting for them to download, Onlive has a bunch of dedicated servers for sending the chosen title straight to the TV over a broadband Internet line. Players can even choose whether to use the included wireless game controller or a USB keyboard and mouse to control the onscreen action. Read More
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It's game-on for Mac users as Valve announces support for OS X

By - March 9, 2010 5 Pictures
Many people recognize Macs as being great work tools, especially for those in the creative sectors. However, if you like your games, often the PC was your best platform because of the amount of available content. Some Mac users were forced to deploy Parallels, Crossover Games, or Boot Camp, to play PC games on their Mac, but they've all got their drawbacks. So Mac users rejoice – Valve, a major provider of online gaming through its Steam online distribution service, is coming to OS X users. From April, Steam and Valve's library of games that include Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal, and the Half-Life series will be available on the Mac. And because the company is treating Macs as a tier-1 platform, all future games and updates will be simultaneously released on Windows, Mac and Xbox 360. Read More
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Virtual currency ruling promises virtual markets

By - January 20, 2010 1 Picture
The South Korean Supreme Court has ruled that the virtual “cyber money” used in online games can legally be exchanged for actual cash here in the real world. The ruling means that players of online games can sell their in-game currency to other players for real-world money. It also means that the South Korean government is going to tax the proceeds of those sales. Read More
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OnLive streams HD games to any old PC or Mac

By - March 27, 2009 6 Pictures
Cloud computing is a concept that has been touted as the next generation technology for some time and with major players such as Google, Microsoft and Apple now heartily embracing the idea it seems its time has finally come. While the advantages of the approach have long been recognized, the Internet speeds required to make it feasible have meant that cloud computing has remained a blip on the horizon until recently. But with high speed connections becoming more and more available around the world companies are rushing to get on the cloud bandwagon lest they be left behind and miss out on the ‘next big thing’. And it’s not just the standard office applications like word processing, spreadsheets and databases that are making the move. The world of gaming could also be headed for a shake up as Palo Alto-based OnLive tests the water in providing on-demand games streaming over a broadband connection. Read More
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Worlds collide: multi-million dollar real world home for sale via Second Life

By - August 5, 2007 1 Picture
August 6, 2007 The ritual of traipsing all over town to queue up at countless real estate inspections every Saturday could soon be a thing of the past as real estate agents move selling houses into the realm of virtual reality. Coldwell Banker Real Estate has taken a step beyond Internet listings and online tours to offer a reality inspection of a scale model of a real life property within the popular virtual world of Second Life. Read More
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The World’s First sports academy for Competitive PC Gaming

By - February 25, 2006 4 Pictures
February 26, 2006 VIA Technologies has set up what is in effect, the first sports academy for computer gamers when it recently launched the girlz 0f destruction gaming house in Sweden. Dubbed the “Home of Chrome” after the Hi-Def Chrome computer hardware provided by VIA and S3 Graphics, the year-round eSports training house provides both professional and amateur gamers with a unique opportunity to improve their competitive gaming skills in a focused environment. One of the largest and fastest growing entertainment markets with global sales of around US$20 billion last year, PC gaming is becoming increasingly competitive around the world, with the growing recognition of eSports reflected in escalating tournament prizes, such as the US$150,000 purse at the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) finals. The Home of Chrome is a strategic move to facilitate intensive training for competitive PC gamers to hone their skills and practice with the best. Read More
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Networked gaming to show the way for networked economy

By - December 14, 2005 2 Pictures
December 15, 2005 With two billion plus cell phone users and a billion internet connections, the global networked economy is beginning to emerge globally as an immensely powerful medium. Not surprisingly, some markets are showing more promise than others and networked gaming looks like one of the most likely to succeed. Revenues from U.S. online gaming services will increase from $1.1 billion in 2005 to more than $3.5 billion in 2009, according to "Networked Gaming Driving the Future," a new report from Parks Associates. Networked gaming services, including online console gaming, massively multiplayer online gaming (MMOG), multiplayer Internet gaming, and mobile multiplayer gaming, will account for almost 50% of online gaming revenues in 2009, followed by digital downloads at 23%. Over the next four years, the gaming industry will no longer depend solely on retail sales but will see more balanced and diversified business models. Read More

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