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One X

It's the HTC One X+ vs. the Samsung Galaxy S III: who will come out ahead?

Shoppers can be fickle. Two companies will release competing products that are similar in nearly every way, and one will often outsell the other by leaps and bounds. This can often be attributed to marketing or timing, but sometimes the reasoning is a mystery. When the new HTC One X+ is released in November, we could potentially see this again. Let's see how it compares to the present King of Android, the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Read More

How does the upgraded HTC One X+ compare to its predecessor, the One X?

It seems so long ago. Before Samsung grew into the dominant player, the hottest Android manufacturer was HTC. Fast-forward to today, and HTC is trying to regroup with its series of One phones. Its latest offering is the upgraded version of the One X, dubbed the One X+. How does the new phone compare to its predecessor? Let's take a look.  Read More

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