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Olive announces audiophile-pleasing O6HD Music Server

By - November 23, 2010 4 Pictures
High-end music streamer manufacturer Olive describes its latest High Definition music server as an audiophile's dream. The O6HD features Digital Analog Converter (DAC) technology to offer audio enjoyment at over 250 times the resolution of CD. The device is constructed to reduce noise and vibration to an absolute minimum, and even dampens the 2TB hard drive with eight layers of cushioning. Read More
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Olive limited edition multi-room music system

By - April 28, 2010 4 Pictures
Acclaimed designer Karim Rashid has provided two new designs for audiophile-grade digital music manufacturer Olive to screen onto new limited edition versions of its number 4 music streamer and number 2 zone player. The pairing is capable of delivering lossless audio to up to ten rooms around the home, storing thousands of CDs and offering access to numerous internet radio stations. Read More
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Olive Opus No4: time to go digital

By - August 9, 2009 5 Pictures
There's no denying that digital music has revolutionized the way we buy and listen to our music. There is a cost to pay for such convenience though as the most widely available download formats suffer from loss of sound quality to varying degrees. This is where digital music players like the Olive Opus 4 come in, offering the superior sound quality of CD and the functionality of a digital music player in one unit. Enjoying lossless sound and practicality of use does seem to come hand in hand with a hefty financial outlay, so is it worth it? Read More
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Olive 750 GB music server holds 2,000+ CDs in lossless quality

By - July 21, 2006 2 Pictures
July 22, 2006 Popular music viewed over time becomes the soundtrack of our life, so it makes sense that our music collection should continually grow. So for those with extensive collections, or who’ve been around a while, the new range-topper from Olive Media Products’ OPUS range of home media servers might be useful. Now available in a whopping 750 GB version and costing US$3,999, the 750 GB OPUS will enable users to store more of their music in lossless quality – roughly 2,100 CDs in total. Like the smaller family members which run from 400GB through 500 GB, the top-of-the-range music server runs completely silently without a fan, an important feature in this market. In addition, the high-end OPUS line uses a sophisticated frame concept with 8 individual bearings to cancel out the natural vibration --and the resulting hum-- of the hard drive. Read More

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