Epson's PaperLab brings office paper recycling in-house

Even with the efficiency of today's digital communications, the modern office still churns through its fair share of paper. The typical recycling process involves a lot of water and transporting of material to an off-site facility, but printer company Epson says it has a more efficient and manageable solution. Its newly-announced PaperLab machine breaks down workplace wastepaper and fashions it into fresh sheets on-site, while using only a tiny amount of water.Read More


Offices with Terraces lets a little outside in

Perhaps heading to work each morning would be less of a drag if the destination wasn't a soulless office building. The Offices With Terraces project, by Nicolas Laisné Associés (NL*A Paris) features plenty of greenery and natural light, offices that open onto small terraces, and corridors that have been moved to the outer edge of the building.

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Caravan's interior transforms for work or rest

People who travel for business will know that a mobile office could make life a lot easier. Belgian design firm Five AM thought this, too, so went about creating its own mobile office from an old caravan. Not only is the dojowheels a workspace, though, it can also be transformed into a place to sleep.Read More

Perch desk stands on adaptability

Sit-stand desks are an adjustable twist on the standing desk that allow users to switch between the two positions. The Perch is a take on the idea that cleverly combines simplicity, affordability and adaptability.Read More

KantoorKaravaan off-grid office lets workers get back to nature

City offices aren't always the most inspiring places to work, but the KantoorKaravaan is designed to help workers boost their productivity by letting them take their work to the great outdoors. Designed by Dutch firm The Tipping Point Foundation, the solar-powered, self-contained micro-office features everything required to get work done.Read More


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