Oerlikon Graziano's next-gen transmissions for agricultural equipment

In a move that should see the humble agricultural equipment of the future both cleaner and more efficient, Oerlikon Graziano - a supplier to the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini - has come up with an innovative a range of transmissions, including a mechanical continuously variable transmission (CVT) for small tractors. Released at Agritechnica in Germany last month, these new drive-trains are claimed to provide higher road speeds and be easier to operate so that the equipment can get to its work site much quicker without the need for a float or trailer.Read More


Zerotracer takes out inaugural round the world Zero Emissions Race

It may have taken a little longer than expected, but last week the inaugural Zero Race finally wound up with the three remaining competitors returning to the United Nations Palace in Geneva, Switzerland where the race got underway in August last year. After 80 driving days, which saw the 100 percent electric vehicles travel some 28,000 km (17,398 miles) across 16 countries through freezing temperatures, snow, rain and heat, Team Oerikon Solar’s Zerotracer was the first to cross the finish line, followed by Team Vectrix in second place and Team Trev in third. Read More


Zerotracer motorcycle throws down gauntlet to electric cars

The Zero Race will see contestants dash around the globe in 80 days in zero emission, electric powered vehicles... and one of the most distinctive entries is the Zerotracer. Designed by a group of engineers from Winterthur, Switzerland, the Zerotracer is an electric motorcycle that encloses its two occupants in a Kevlar shell and is capable of a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) and a range of 350 km (217 miles) on a single charge. Read More


Oerlikon nighttime vision uses near-infrared spectrum

May 25, 2007 Driving is a site-response game, and without the light of day, becomes far more difficult after sundown. Many manufacturers have been experimenting with night vision systems, Now Oerlikon Optics has developed a new active night vision system that uses near-infrared (NIR) radiation, achieving over 90 percent efficiency of near-infrared light visible onto the car’s monitor. The unwanted residual light generated with infrared headlights is reduced by a factor of 1000. This allows appreciably improved reproduction of objects at night time.Read More


U.S. Navy Completes Initial Testing Of Lockheed Martin Naval Gun

May 4, 2005 The U.S. Navy has completed initial testing of Lockheed Martin's Millennium Gun as part of its effort to validate and qualify new naval cannon technology for fleet self protection. The gun's capabilities -- including its high rate of fire and air-bursting Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction (AHEAD) ammunition – were recently evaluated during two weeks of testing. The Millennium Gun is a multi-mission, close-in weapon system capable of engaging multiple fast-attack surface craft and near-shore land targets in littoral and riverine waters, as well as defending against anti-ship missiles and aircraft. Creating a "wall of lead," the Millennium Gun fires 35-mm ammunition, including the AHEAD round, at 1,000 rounds per minute. Each AHEAD dispenses 152 subprojectiles that form a cone-shaped pattern to destroy a target's control surfaces, seeker and other vital components as it moves through this lethal cloud.Read More


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