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Highlights from the Japan Camping Car Show 2015

By - March 12, 2015 44 Pictures
Almost three quarters of Japan is covered by forests and mountains, meaning the mostly city-dwelling population of 126 million have both the space and the necessity to just get away from it all. Time is also in short supply for the working population, so long weekends or short vacations are the norm ... and when everyone has same vacation idea at the same time, accommodation is at a premium. This all adds up to a ready marketplace for camping vehicles. Gizmag headed along to the 2015 Camping Car show in Tokyo to check out the latest ways to tackle the great outdoors on wheels. Read More
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Production version of Nissan's all-electric e-NV200 unveiled

By - March 4, 2014 43 Pictures
Nissan originally began testing of an all-electric version of its NV200 light commercial van back in mid-2010 before showcasing the e-NV200 concept at the North American International Auto Show in 2012. Now the automaker has unveiled the production version of the LEAF's bigger brother in Geneva, touting the vehicle as a practical and sustainable city delivery vehicle or people mover. Read More
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Nissan positions its NV200 as the next-generation London taxi

By - August 6, 2012 31 Pictures
With London 2012 in full effect and all eyes on UK's capital, Nissan has chosen a shrewd Monday morning to announce that its NV200 is to be certified as a London black cab. Nissan claims that the taxi variant of its light commercial vehicle is 50 percent more fuel efficient than other black cabs, allowing the automaker to position the NV200 as the next generation London taxi, just as it has for New York and Tokyo where NV200 taxis are also set to appear. The fully electric model, the e-NV200, is set for London testing next year, and could see service as early as 2014. Read More
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Nissan's e-NV200 electric minivan concept debuts in Detroit

By - January 17, 2012 11 Pictures
Five years ago at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan unveiled its clever NV200 minivan concept that incorporated a mobile office and a slide-out cargo compartment. It has since gone into production, losing the office and slide-out, but boasting what Nissan claims is the largest load space in its class. Last year, the automaker announced that it would begin testing of an electric version of the van. Now, the public can get a feel for what a consumer electric NV200 might be like, up close and in person, as the e-NV200 concept makes its world debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Read More
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Nissan testing electric version of NV200 compact commercial van

By - July 4, 2011 2 Pictures
Nissan has announced it will begin global proving tests of an electric vehicle based on its NV200 compact commercial van this month. Since going on sale is Europe and Japan in 2009, the combustion engine-powered NV200 compact commercial van has picked up numerous awards. It was also also recently chosen as the next generation New York taxi, so the announcement of an electric version offers up the possibility that at least some of New York’s iconic yellow cabs may soon be getting a green tinge. Read More
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Nissan NV200 people carrier and light Commercial NV200 production details

By - February 24, 2009 55 Pictures
We first glimpsed Nissan's NV200 small van at the 2007 Tokyo Show when it displayed one of the most intelligent design concepts we've seen for a commercial vehicle. Now, the wraps are off the production version of the global small van and although three versions of the NV200 will be available, the box-within-box concept is sadly gone. Despite feeling we've been short-changed, the NV200 has an intelligent layout with seats that fold unconventionally to offer the largest load space (4.1 m3) in its class, petrol or diesel and a low cost of ownership. Read More

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