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Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic Mobile Device

By - October 8, 2008 5 Pictures
What looks like an iPhone, functions like an iPhone, but isn’t an iPhone? Nokia’s new 5800 XpressMusic, that’s what. Nokia would most likely balk at suggestions their new mobile offering is in response to Apple’s ubiquituos device, but comparisons are inevitable with the 5800 sporting similar looks courtesy of a large touch screen, similar looking interface and focus on music. The 5800 XpressMusic will be among the first devices to support "Comes With Music", a Nokia service which offers one year of unlimited access to the entire Nokia Music Store catalogue. Read More
— Mobile Technology

The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

By - August 21, 2008 10 Pictures
August 22, 2008 Further proof that innovation and compelling feel in a mobile handset do not require an Apple logo arrived from Nokia this week when it introduced the 8800 Carbon Arte, a new premium variant of the Nokia 8800 Arte range with materials such as carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel. Apart from evoking an intensely functional F1-like feel with its carbon fibre woven pattern, extreme light weight, seamless surfaces, and an almost sensual slide mechanism, the Carbon Arte has some elegant and useful functionality too. Frinstance, consumers can tap the steel surface below the display twice and a clock appears on the screen. The turn-to-mute silencing mechanism allows individuals to silence incoming calls in a discrete manner by turning the phone over, screen-side down. Read More
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Nokia's sleek new handset offerings

By - May 7, 2008 9 Pictures
May 8, 2008 Nokia has unveiled three new mobile handsets - one folding and two sliding units - ahead of a planned release in the third quarter of 2008. With an emphasis on compact, minimalist design, the Nokia 6600 fold, the Nokia 6600 slide and the Nokia 3600 slide also boast some clever (if not completely ground-breaking) functionality aimed at making the phones easier to use. Putting the 6600 to "sleep" to reject incoming phone calls, for example, is achieved by tapping the cover of the twice and the same convenient process is used to "wake" the handset up again. The more distinctive charcoal and wine colored 3600 slide is also the first Nokia product to feature background noise cancellation. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Shoot-to-Translate: killer mobile phone app for travelers

By - April 6, 2008 2 Pictures
April 7, 2008 Nokia unveiled a plethora of mobile phone functionality concepts last October at The Way We Live Next briefing in Finland and tucked away behind the high profile apps was a simple shoot-to-translate function. Inveterate traveler Dave Weinstein dropped in at CTIA last week and reports that he focussed straight away on the cameraphone translator that can supposedly translate Chinese to English from a photo taken on the phone. “You can imagine how useful it would be for me, but it was just a technology demo. They wouldn't let me load the app on my phone or tell me any real info about it”, says Dave, who spends most of his time in Beijing these days. Read More
— Mobile Technology

The Nokia Morph Concept Phone

By - February 27, 2008 4 Pictures
Nanotechnology looks set yield some seemingly magical functionality in the near future, and a recent concept product from Nokia puts most of the technologies that will be viable for handhelds within the next decade into one fascinating instrument. The Morph does just that, being flexible so that it can change shape from candy bar phone to bracelet. It’s also transparent, has self-cleaning surfaces, can sense and observe and even harvest energy from the local environment. The result of a partnership between Nokia and the University of Cambridge, the Morph went on display this week alongside the remarkable "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Read More
— Mobile Technology

K-NFB Reading Technology offers cell phone solution for the blind

By - January 28, 2008 1 Picture
January 29, 2008 Access to cell-phones in today’s increasingly technological world is important for all people, not just those with 20/20 vision. The latest news in this sector comes from Kurzweil Technologies, which in a joint venture with the National Federation of the Blind in the US, has announced the pairing of its K-NFB Reading Technology software with the Nokia N82 mobile phone. Read More

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