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Sleek new Nokia 6555 3G mobile phone

By - August 28, 2007 4 Pictures
August 28, 2007 Nokia’s 6555 3G mobile phone is just that, a new 3G mobile phone. But in the 21st century where phone equals fashion accessory, what sets it apart at first glance is its stunning looks - the sleek clamshell design features a recessed hinge that creates a seamless line when open, an external analog clock, and inside, a 16 million color display. Read More
— Mobile Technology

New Speakerphone a first for Nokia

By - July 4, 2007 2 Pictures
July 5, 2007 Nokia, the world’s the largest phone manufacturer, have announced the release of their first dedicated speakerphone. Designed for ultimate hands-free functionality, the detachable Bluetooth Speakerphone includes a powerful speaker and microphone with enhanced audio quality via Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that cancels out excess noises and echoes, plus the ability to automatically switch off once you’ve finished talking. The Speakerphone HF-300 is operated with battery power (so you're not confined to using it with a power outlet) and comes with a sun visor clip for convenient attachment inside the car. Illuminated keys are featured for easy use and with up to 20 hours of talk time, the 80g unit is also suitable for extended hands-free conversations anywhere outside the car through the inclusion of rubber feet that allow it to be mounted on a variety of surfaces. Read More
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myCharger USB power adapter for multiple devices

By - July 3, 2007 6 Pictures
July 4, 2007 Mobile phones and MP3 players are incredibly useful travelling companions but inevitably you end up with an array of different charging set-ups cluttering the console of your car or getting tangled in your luggage. myCharger solves this by offering a USB power adapter and a range of different tips that enable multiple devices to be powered-up via a single charging unit. As well as being suitable for use with iPod and most flavors of mobile phone, add-on adapters are available for other 5V devices including Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, PDAs and portable media players. Read More
— Mobile Technology

ViewRanger: offroad GPS mapping and navigation for your Nokia N95

By - June 1, 2007 2 Pictures
June 2, 2007 We're starting to see some really exciting convergence in mobile devices; why carry around an MP3 player if your phonce already does the job - plus acts as a PDA and a digital camera? ViewRanger have just released a fantastic piece of software that takes advantage of the Nokia N95's inbuilt GPS system to provide a sophisticated, useful and immerseive offroad trail mapping, navigation and information service - including a nifty screen view that can tell you the names of geographic features in the direction you're looking. Read More
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Nokia becomes the first phone maker to add energy saving alerts to mobiles

By - May 13, 2007 1 Picture
May 14, 2007 The growing awareness of mankind’s mistreatment of its environment is leading to some interesting realisations. As remarkable as it might seem, around two-thirds of the energy used by a mobile phone is lost when it is unplugged after charging but the charger is left in a live socket. A recent agreement between all mobile phone manufacturers to focus on the environmental impact and energy usage of their wares will see many environmental initiatives roll out over the next few months. The first to implement changes resultant from the pact is market leader Nokia which will add alerts to its phone range encouraging people to unplug the charger once the battery is full. Starting with the new Nokia 1200, 1208 and 1650 models, the alerts will be rolled out across the Nokia product range. Read More
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Nokia launches dedicated car navigation device

By - October 30, 2006 3 Pictures
October 31, 2006 Global mobile phone company Nokia has announced its first dedicated personal navigation device. The Nokia 330 Auto Navigation will initially be launched in Europe and offers both spoken and visual directions. The Nokia 330 Auto Navigation contains a 2GB memory card for the preinstalled Europe-wide map data, switchable 2D/3D and day or night view on a 3.5 inch color touch screen, and the ability to request a repeat of the last instruction. Expected to be available before the end of the year at an estimated retail price of EUR 360, the 330 also includes a music player, photo viewer and video player. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Nokia shows the next generation digital camcorder phone

By - April 25, 2006 17 Pictures
April 26, 2006 As we head for the eye of the convergence storm, the number of compelling digital devices offering remarkable capability is increasing, and the current pick of the litter is Nokia’s newly announced N93 mobile phone – surely the ultimate mobile device for spontaneous video recording, at least for now. Unfold and twist the main 262,144 color 2.4" QVGA display (240 x 320 pixels), and the Nokia N93 is ready to shoot video and photos using the display as a full screen viewfinder. The 3.2 megapixel camera with 3x optical Carl Zeiss zoom is impressive, but it’s the camcorder with DVD-like MPEG-4 VGA video capture at 30 frames per second and video stabilization and 20x digital zoom that’s the interesting bit. With an internal memory of 50 MB, which can be expanded with a hot swap miniSD card to 2 GB, and you can capture up to 90 minutes of DVD quality video. You can even share your captured memories with family and friends on a large compatible TV screen, using either the included TV cable or wirelessly over integrated WLAN and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) technology. Furthermore, from browsing the web to reading your emails and office documents, you can even play games on the Nokia N93 using the screen of your compatible TV. Read More
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Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition

By - April 10, 2006 6 Pictures
April 11, 2006 Marketing partnerships make sense, particularly if the brands complement each other. Which is why two of the world's most aspirational brands in Aston Martin and Nokia have collaborated to create the Nokia 8800. This exclusive iteration of the Nokia's flagship 8800 will be manufactured in strictly limited numbers, and features a discrete laser-etched 'Aston Martin' logo on the stainless steel casing. This is complemented by the words so synonymous with Aston Martin, 'Power, Beauty & Soul’, etched into the Nokia 8800's unique stand-alone charging station, plus elegantly-designed packaging bearing the Aston Martin wings. Read More
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Nokia launches Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) Solution

By - February 13, 2006 8 Pictures
February 14, 2006 Nokia launched its Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) network solution at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona yesterday, along with a variety of other solutions for operators and service providers to enhance network operation and enhance customer satisfaction. UMA technology enables the use of broadband and unlicensed access technologies, such as WLAN (WiFi) to offer and expand mobility to users of voice and data services. UMA can also be a useful approach to extending GSM indoor coverage. The Nokia offering combines network equipment and an UMA capable handset to create a complete end-to-end solution. Nokia also launched its newest UMA capable phone, the Nokia 6136, and gave a live demonstration of UMA calls. The Nokia UMA solution will be available in the second quarter of 2006. Read More

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