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Clinking two of the bottles together for a toast causes the LEDs to light up simultaneousl...

Heineken is introducing a new twist on the ordinary beer bottle with the Heineken Ignite, which uses LEDs and wireless sensors to light up when two bottles are clinked together and flashes in time with music.  Read More

The TechnoMarine Underwater Night Club

Of all the places you might meet a significant other, underwater is probably the last place that springs to mind. Hence, I guess, the novelty of an underwater nightclub. Created as a viral campaign for TechnoMarine Underwater watches, the unique nightclub "launch" was filmed at a military training facility with navy divers and the set was built 14 feet (4 m) underwater. The breathing helmets are from the commercially-available Sea Trek system, so perhaps it's not all that implausible after all.  Read More

The entrance to the club invites exploration

When designers from across the world get together to create a crowdsourced nightclub concept, one thing is a certain - a damn good party. That's what went down last month when a futuristic-styled club sponsored by Heineken popped up at Milan's week-long design fair. Designers from Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Milan and New York teamed up with clubbers from over 100 cities to collaborate on the design, and we've just gotten our hands on some more video and images from inside.  Read More

The inflatable church, pub, nighclub, synagogue, mosque …

March 27, 2006 Inflatable structures hold enormous promise as lightweight, temporary constructions of all types, as is evidenced by the advanced work currently being done by the United States military. Spanish company Innovations Xtreme Inflatables has developed the technology to create incredibly detailed inflatables and is now offering its services to create inflatables for sale or hire in an incredibly diverse range that includes an inflatable church, pub, nightclub, castle, a White House, Synagogue and even a Mosque. Having spent many years developing the technology, the company is now also offering a range of custom one-offs that could find application in many promotional budgets. All the inflatable buildings can be deflated to fit inside a small van – even the world’s first inflatable nighclub which holds over 2000 people. Most structures can be fully erected inside three hours and packed away again in less than two hours, enabling a whole new way of thinking about buildings. Like if you can’t get to the church on time, you now have the option of having it come to you.  Read More

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