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Native Instruments

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Lego steps into the groove at MidiHack 2014

By - May 23, 2014 7 Pictures
Lego. Is there anyone who doesn't love letting the creative juices flow to build everything from 3D printers to cars you can ride in to musical instruments? During the recent MidiHack weekend in Stockholm, Sweden, an unofficial collaboration between a university professor and three developers from Native Instruments yielded a rather impressive step sequencer, complete with XY pad, faders and rotary controls. Read More
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Native Instruments unveils new Guitar Rig, Kontakt, Komplete suites

By - August 4, 2011 11 Pictures
Mobile music-making apps like Amplitube and GarageBand have proven themselves to be popular, powerful and versatile additions to the digital toolbox of both bedroom enthusiast and professional alike. Dedicated computer software is by no means dead in the water yet, though, as evidenced by the new releases from Native Instruments. The computer-based music production and performance specialist has announced new versions of its Guitar Rig amp and effects package and Kontakt sampler, and the multi-product Komplete bundle. Read More
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Native Instruments announces Komplete 6 bundle for music creation

By - September 13, 2009 9 Pictures
Native Instruments has just announced a recession-busting update to its impressive arsenal of digital musical instruments and effects - Komplete 6. The bundle not only comes with improved versions of amp and effects simulator Guitar Rig, the powerful sound manipulator Absynth and over 44Gb of sampling joy in the form of Kontakt, but it's also being offered at a significantly reduced price too. Read More
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KORE Universal Sound Platform offers new ways to work with software instruments

By - January 23, 2006 7 Pictures
January 24, 2006 The primary interface for the operation of software instruments both in the studio and on stage is evolving rapidly, and this week’s announcement from computer-based audio production pioneer Native Instruments might well prove to be a significant landmark. KORE, is heralded by Native Instruments as “the world’s first Universal Sound Platform” and was created to unify all the elements of sound production – “one solution that finally makes everything come together.” Native Instruments’s founder Stephan Schmitt believes KORE will be “a significant step forward for musicians and producers in many ways, and that it will make their individual process of creating and performing music much more efficient, convenient and fun.” KORE won’t be available for another three or four months, and there’s not enough information available yet to substantiate those claims, though its release will be watched closely by all performers and producers who work with software instruments and effects. KORE includes a next-generation hardware controller offering hands-on control with what is claimed to be an unprecedented analog feel, finally turning today’s software synthesizers and samplers from applications into true instruments. Read More

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