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'Thump' sunglasses with integrated MP3 player

UPDATED November 12, 2004 Oakley has announced the introduction of 'digital audio eyewear' - aka MP3 sunglasses. Named "Thump", the new sunglasses have the audio circuitry built seamlessly into the glasses frame. Oakley's digital music player mounts the speakers to the eyewear frame with miniature extendible booms, enhanced with pivots. They allow the wearer to adjust speaker position for optimal ear placement and to reposition the speakers away from the ears whenever necessary. Read More

Mobile Technology

Waterproof MP3 Player uses Bone Conduction Tech

November 2, 2004 A waterproof SwiMP3 player that uses bond conduction technology has been released for swimmers, triathletes, surfers and anyone who wants to listen to music whilst in the water. Unlike other waterproof players that rely on traditional air conduction technologies, often producing a muffled sound, the SwiMP3 player uses bone conduction (the direct transfer of sound vibrations from the cheek bone to the inner ear) to provide the swimmer with exceptional sound clarity. Bone conduction hearing is a safe, well-established hearing mechanism in humans that the SwiMP3 player leverages to enhance aquatic activity.Read More

Mobile Technology

Apple Introduces iPod Photo and U2 Special Edition

October 29, 2004 Apple today introduced iPod Photo and iPod U2 Special Edition, the latter based on a partnership between Apple, pop-group U2 and music publisher Universal Music Group. The iPod Photo is sure to be the most popular MP3 player again this Christmas, and the new capabilities include the ability to display your digital images. Although not video capable, the 220 x 176 pixel, 65,000 colour screen and extended (15 hours) battery life are the major improvements.Read More


World's first 100 GIGABYTE MP3 player

October 29, 2004 The publicity advantages of being the first MP3 player to reach the 100GB mark has pushed MP3 storage to breakthrough levels with the world's first 100 GB MP3 player announced recently from Digital Mind Corp. The DMC Xclef 500 can store up to 3,500 hours of music (based on Windows Media format at 64kb/s) - that's a whopping 145 days of recorded music or a whole summer of portable jukebox entertainment! Its internal battery provides over 20 of hours of play on a single charge and can be recharged 500 times to 100% capability. Its USB 2.0 interface also allows for data transfers of any kind at lightning-fast speeds. It is both PC and Mac compatible, and needs no software of any kind - just plug it in to your computer and it shows up as a regular hard drive. The DMC Xclef comes in five models, a base with no drive (US $149), 40GB (US $249), 60 GB (US $299), 80 GB (US $349) and 100 GB (US $449). Specs on the company website suggest the current design may extend to a further record of 132 GB in the near future.Read More

Home Entertainment

SlimAudio MP3 Player

At roughly the size of a credit card, the SlimAudio MP3 player is the smallest available at just 61mm x 91mm x 5mm and it weighs just six grams. It won a 2002 CES innovation award due to its size & compression algorithm which trebles equivalent storage capacity. See More


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