Imaging tool lets scientists look inside brain at nanoscale resolution

The human brain contains more synapses than there are galaxies in the observable universe (to put a number on it, there are perhaps 100 trillion synapses versus 100 billion galaxies), and now scientists can see them all – individually. A new imaging tool promises to open the door to all sorts of new insights about the brain and how it works. The tool can generate images at a nanoscale resolution, which is small enough to see all cellular objects and many of their sub-cellular components (so for the biology-literate, that's stuff like neurons and the synapses that permit them to fire, plus axons, dendrites, glia, mitochondria, blood vessel cells, and so on).Read More

Prefer PC over console for first-person shooters? This PS4 controller could change that

While the PS4 and Xbox One might have raised the visual quality of console gaming, PC gaming enthusiasts would argue that the lack of keyboard and mouse input means that those systems will never be on a par with a gaming rig – especially when it comes to first-person shooters. Well, until now that is. The Tactical Assault Commander 4 is a new control solution from accessory-maker Hori, that aims to replicate classic PC gaming control on either the PlayStation 3 or 4.

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Check out the big brain on the genetically modified mouse

Scientists at Duke University have pinpointed a regulator of gene activity that could lend insight into why we're so different from chimpanzees despite having a near-identical genetic makeup (94 per cent of our DNA is the same). When injected into a mouse embryo, the human version of a particular DNA sequence important for brain development caused the embryo to grow a considerably larger brain than other embryos treated with the chimpanzee version.Read More


The Mouse-Box fits a whole PC inside a mouse

We've seen plenty of compact PCs in the past, but few as tiny as the Mouse-Box. This new invention from a team of Polish engineers packs a fully-functioning computer into a mouse that you can hold in your hand. All you need to add is a screen and a keyboard and you're ready to start work, get online or launch a presentation. The Mouse-Box is currently at the prototype stage and its makers are looking for funding to bring it to production. Read More


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