Spacecraft zooms in on lonely Ceres mountain

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has succeeded in capturing the most detailed views to date of the solitary mountain nicknamed Ahuna Mons, discovered on the dwarf planet Ceres. The images that were captured by Dawn in December 2015 will hopefully help shed light on some of the many mysteries surrounding the mountain, including its as-of-yet unknown creation process.Read More


Slovenian alpine shelter is not for the faint hearted

Slovenian architectural firm OFIS recently teamed up with AKT II engineers and design students from Harvard Graduate School of Design to create an innovative alpine shelter. Located amid the harsh mountaintops of Mount Skuta in Slovenia, the new shelter replaces a rusty 50 year old bivouac (storm refuge) and provides humble accommodation for up to eight hikers. Perched amid an extreme alpine environment, the modular shelter was broken down into three sections and flown into its new home by helicopter.Read More

Tiny Houses

Tiny cabin provides off-grid digs in Norway's mountains

The result of a design-build workshop at Bergen's School of Architecture that was headed by OPA Form's Espen Folgerø, the Tubakuba (or Tuba Cube) Mountain Hub is available to anyone to use for one night, for free, but is particularly aimed at families with young kids, in a bid to instill a sense of appreciation for nature in the little ones. It's accessed by a small tunnel that brings to mind something from a fairytale. Read More

Like a rolling stone: Tiny Alpine cabin resembles an oversized rock

Here's an example of small living that's a little different from the norm. What appears on first glance to be a large boulder is actually a tiny cabin that contains all the basics you'd need for a short stay in the mountains. The cabin is the work of Swiss architecture firm Bureau A, and was recently installed in a sculpture park in the Swiss Alps. Read More


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