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World's Most Powerful

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The Extreme Bentley – fastest, most powerful ever

By - January 28, 2009 4 Pictures
It has been interesting to see the continued rise of the time-honoured Bentley automotive brand and its immense desirability to the young and nouveau rich. The attractiveness levels are about to rise another magnitude with the imminent unveiling of the Extreme Bentley, the perfect badge of success for extreme athletes and other non-conventional financial achievers. Only a promotional film and single darkened image have been released so far, along with the news the vehicle will feature Bentley’s new flexfuel powertrain, announced at the NAIAS a week or two back. Oh, and the news it will be the fastest, most powerful production Bentley ever. That means … Read More
— Automotive

Volvo premieres world’s most powerful truck

By - January 10, 2009 3 Pictures
January 11, 2008 With its 700 hp and 3,150 Nm of torque, the new Volvo FH16 is the most powerful commercially-produced truck in the world. Its turbocharger and intercooler 16-litre 6-cylinder diesel D16G engine is derived from Volvo’s previous 16-litre engine and has more torque and an additional 40 bhp. Quite spectacularly, the truck achieves the same economy as the previous 660 bhp version, and fewer emissions. Read More
— Motorcycles

Super-grandpa: BMW's most powerful bikes gain an extra 136cc

By - October 9, 2008 91 Pictures
Whatever else could be said about the K1200 series BMWs, they could never have been accused of lacking power. The 168hp K1200R naked, for example, was the most powerful production naked going around, and by a considerable margin, until yesterday's announcement that BMW were re-building the S, R, and GT models with an extra 136cc, upping the power and particularly the torque to 175hp and 103 ft-lbs for 2009. Incremental improvements are found all over the bikes as well - including (finally) a standard single indicator switch, ironing out an annoyance that has plagued BMW buyers for decades. Read More
— Motorcycles

2009 Aprilia RSV4 superbike - the most powerful, most race-focused Aprilia ever

By - September 24, 2008 5 Pictures
We've been following Aprilia's 2009 V-4 engined superbike closely through its development stages, excited to learn what the company can do with its brand new, fully electronically managed and incredibly compact 1000cc motor. And the first official images and press information have been released. Stunning to look at, the RSV4 will make at least 180 horsepower in roadbike trim (and somewhere around 220 in the version Max Biaggi will race in WSBK 2009) - but more astounding than that figure is the amazing amount of chassis tuning the RSV4 will allow. With adjustable steering head angle, swingarm pivots and even engine mounting points, the new Aprilia can lay a genuine claim to being the most race-focused production motorcycle on the planet. Read More
— Science

The world's most powerful laser

By - April 17, 2008 1 Picture
April 17, 2008 A team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin has demonstrated the highest powered laser in the world. With greater than one quadrillion watts of laser power, the level of output achieved on March 31 by the Texas Petawatt laser is equivalent to more than 2,000 times the output of all power plants in the United States and brighter than the Sun's surface, according team leader and physicist at The University of Texas at Austin, Dr.Todd Ditmire. Read More
— Outdoors

The most powerful sporting rifle in the world

By - March 25, 2008 5 Pictures
March 26, 2008 There are a few videos doing the rounds on Youtube at present showing people firing the A-SQUARE Hannibal 577 Tyrannosaur rifle and getting blown away with the recoil. It’s not surprising, because the monster gun is actually purpose built to stop charging Rhinos, Hippopotami, rogue elephants and it gained its name because it could indeed stop the biggest dinosaur – it’s the most powerful sporting gun in the world and shoots a 750 gr bullet at 2700 feet per second – the recoil of the 13 pound, US$4000 gun is so powerful that despite three mercury reducers in the butt plus a huge pad area, it kicks like a mule. Read More
— Automotive

World’s most powerful production six-cylinder diesel introduced to BMW 6 Series

By - July 1, 2007 19 Pictures
July 2, 2007 BMW has for the first time combined its twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder diesel with the marque’s flagship Grand Tourer in the form of the new 635d. Coinciding with the revamp of 6 Series model line-up to include Active Headrests, Brake Energy Regeneration and other fuel saving and emissions-cutting technology, the 635d Coupé and Convertible will hit showrooms in the UK in October with world’s most powerful production diesel under the bonnet. Read More
— Automotive

Supercharged Seven is the most powerful Caterham ever

By - June 7, 2007 4 Pictures
June 8, 2007 To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Caterham has unveiled the most powerful Seven ever; the X330 – a one-off supercharged model boasting a mind-boggling power-to-weight ratio of 600bhp per tonne. Caterham’s basic formula of useable power and extreme light weight is put clearly in perspective when viewed on a chart against the rest of the world’s exotica (see right). The stealthy, matt black concept is based around the range-topping CSR Superlight, but the addition of a supercharger to the four-cylinder 2.3 litre Ford Duratec engine increases power massively from 260 to 330bhp, as the name suggests. Read More
— Automotive

The World’s Fastest and Most Powerful Coupe - the BRABUS SV12 S Biturbo

By - May 16, 2007 5 Pictures
May 17, 2007 The BRABUS S V12 S Biturbo coupe is not just the most powerful coupe in the world - it is also the fastest street-legal coupe. It’s vital performance statistics of 0 – 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds, 200 km/h after just 11.9 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 340 km/h are all without equal. Based on the latest Mercedes CL 600 model, the SV12 S Biturbo coupe can be ordered as a complete car starting at 178,980 Euros or can be built based on an existing current CL 600 model. The engine is based on the turbocharged Mercedes 600 twelve-cylinder engine and represents the most powerful street-legal V12 engine in the world producing 730 hp / 537 kW at 5,100 rpm. Just as extraordinary is the peak torque of 1,320 Nm at just 2,100 rpm, which is limited electronically to 1,100 Nm. The mods are extensive, starting with installing a special BRABUS crankshaft with longer stroke, combined with a bigger bore and correspondingly sized forged pistons, increases displacement from 5.5 to 6.3 liters. After that, the cylinder heads are precision-machined and four new camshafts are fitted, two new exhaust manifolds, two larger turbochargers, a high-efficiency intercooler and a high-performance exhaust system with metal catalysts and low back pressure. Read More

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