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The Rallye Monte-Carlo ZENN, short for Zero Emission, No Noise is the 'greenest' portion o...

Although not quite as prestigious on the electric racing scale as the upcoming Formula-e series, the relatively new "Zero Emission, No Noise" (ZENN) series does give manufacturers a venue in which to put their electrics up against competing teams. Held in the rainy hills in and around Monte-Carlo last month, the race saw Renault’s ZOE dominate in not one, but all categories, essentially sweeping the series.  Read More

Four customizable LED headlights are a modern-day take on light racks used by night rally ...

In the 1980’s, Renault’s much modified R5 Turbo would slide its way about the rally circuit in a valiant effort to claim the podium. With its exaggerated hindquarters and impressive power-to-weight ratio the R5 Turbo was an instant rally hit, but it was femme fatale Fatima Blush driving a red R5 Turbo in James Bond’s 1983 Never Say Never Again that would bring the impudent racer to the attention of the masses. Thirty years later, Renault is paying homage to the R5 Turbo by introducing the 320 hp Twin’Run Concept Car.  Read More

LG VP of Overseas TV Sales and Marketing Ki-il Kwon, F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel, LG Euro...

LG unveiled the world's largest and slimmest 55-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV at the Salle des Etoiles in Monaco earlier this week. First given a U.S. showing at CES 2012, the OLED TV's four-color pixel technology and Color Refiner work together to offer vibrant, natural and comfortable Full 1080p HD viewing in both 2D and 3D. Cutting edge technology doesn't come cheap though, so be prepared to gasp as the price is revealed after the jump.  Read More

Take the automotive investment challenge - how much did these vehicles sell for at auction...

So you think you have an eye for value in assessing investment-quality cars and motorcycles? Here are a dozen cars and motorcycles that went to auction last week. We've included the official description, several images and the official estimates on price from the auctioneer. Can you guess how much each sold for? Answers at the bottom of the story.  Read More

The Streets of Monaco themed superyacht concept

If you want a superyacht that really stands out at the next annual billionaires meeting then why not give it a theme? Yacht Island Design thinks there’s a market for such vessels and has set about developing several themed yacht concepts. The first is "The Streets of Monaco," a 155 m (508.5 ft) long yacht that looks to “reflect the style and sophistication of the principality” and includes a fully functional go kart circuit that recreates the famous Monaco Grand Prix circuit along with other Monaco landmarks.  Read More

First images of the pre-series production unit

UPDATED May 9, 2007 PRE-PRODUCTION IMAGES - Three years ago this week, we previewed the remarkable TAG Heuer Monaco V4 concept watch which was to debut at the world’s premier watch and jewellery fair, Baselworld 2004. The mechanical Monaco V4 overturned basic watchmaking principles by featuring driving belts and ball-bearings instead of the conventional wheels and pinions. Next week, the Monaco V4 returns to Baselworld 2007 as a pre-series production unit. The mechanism uses toothed belts instead of the traditional gear transmission and delivers higher energy efficiency than a traditional mechanical movement.  Read More

Caparo T1 at Monaco

April 22, 2006 We’ve already previewed the lightweight (less than 500kg), roadgoing Caparo T1, which a uses a compact 500bhp V8 engine to deliver a dramatic 1,000bhp-per-tonne power-to-weight ratio – nearly double that of the Bugatti Veyron. Well the Caparo had its coming out at the prestigious Top Marques show in Monaco yesterday when it was unveiled by no less than Prince Albert II.  Read More

Renault F1 Team launches 2006 championship campaign in Monaco

January 31, 2006 The Renault F1 Team today launched its 2006 world championship challenger, the R26, in Monaco with the promise of an aggressive defence of the team’s double 2005 world championship. In front of world-wide media and VIP guests in Monte-Carlo, the world champions officially launched the 2006 championship campaign with a clear objective: defending the world championship with an aggressive approach to the 2006 season. “In terms of performance objectives, there can be only one: to be fighting for the world championship in the final races,” explained Renault F1 Team President Patrick Faure. “We enter the year with an unchanged line-up in our management, our drivers and our technical team. Everybody at Viry and Enstone has been working to prepare a technical package capable of keeping us at the top. Complacency has no place at Renault. We are focused on repeating our successes.” Previous 2006 Formula One team launch reports can be found here: Ferrari's 248 F1, Toyota's TF-06, Honda's RA106 and Williams' F1 FW28.  Read More

Raser claims 420 foot pounds of torque - more than enough to make your tyres squeal!

April 1, 2005 Monte Carlo is the place to be this coming weekend (April 2-6, 2005) for those interested in the future of transport. Monaco is the venue for the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS-21) and every major electric vehicle manufacturer on the planet will be there, with some new and exciting technologies to be showcased during the global get-together. As previously mentioned, the Venturi Fetish will be the most significant of the cars on show, being the first production electric sportscar, but one of the most significant showings will be that of Raser Technologies which will demonstrate its advanced motor and controller technology in a Formula Lightning car driven on the Grand Prix circuit. Raser Technologies claim the motor is capable of producing 500 bhp which, if true, means a whole new world of motoring is about to begin.  Read More

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