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EverBlock: Supersized Lego for modular building

New York City-based entrepreneur, investor, and perennial tinkerer Arnon Rosan drew inspiration from everyone's favorite construction toy to create a modular building system. Functioning very much like supersized Lego, EverBlock is promoted as suitable for building modular furniture, dividing walls, and even a habitable shelter – no glue, or specialist tools required.Read More


Bees modular bike transforms and adapts to your riding

For generations, mountain bikers have had to make the sometimes difficult choice between affordable, nimble-climbing hardtails and fast, cushy full-suspension bikes. German company Altinsoy Manufaktur has a different idea. Its Bees Bike has a completely modular design that lets you quickly change over from hardtail to full suspension. You can also adjust sizing and positioning with ease.Read More


Modular Pod Tents bring campers together under the one roof

Every day we see new evidence that the world is becoming more connected thanks to technology. Activities that were once enjoyed solo or in a small group are now shared with virtually everyone you've ever known via social networks. Even camping, an activity that once meant quiet, secluded escapes into virtually human-less wild spaces, isn't immune to the trend. POD Tents, designed by the UK's M2C Innovation, make camping more social by transforming the typical small tent into an indoor community.Read More


Cusby transforms lone Macbook USB-C port into an a-la-carte device hub

The new USB-C connection is powerful, versatile, and poised to shape the future of many consumer electronic devices. But despite this promise, new Macbook owners accustomed to having separate ports for HDMI, USB, and/or video, may find a single USB-C port to be rather limiting. Cusby is a compact, modular and expandable adapter designed to make the transition to a USB-C future a bit easier.Read More


Torque adds tunable twist to headphone modularity

Back in April, Denmark's AIAIAI announced a new headphone line that allowed buyers to customize their preferred sound and look by swapping out components. Los Angeles-based Torque Audio has a similarly modular outlook to headphone design and has hit Kickstarter to try and bring its new flagship headphones to release. The t402v models feature a proprietary bio-cell diaphragm and will come with supra-aural and circumaurul ear pads that can be tuned for bass response.Read More

Tiny Houses

CannonDesign shoehorns an entire dorm room into a tiny pod

The Yazdani Studio of international design firm CannonDesign recently revealed its new living unit, dubbed Sleeping Pod, that will serve as diminutive digs for students at the University of Utah's Lassonde Studios. Featuring everything you'd expect to see in a dorm room shoehorned into a small package, Sleeping Pod could also prove a good fit for temporary housing, or serve as an additional bedroom or office space.

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Crossbeams lets you design and build your own toys

Electrical engineer Charles Sharman noticed several years ago that as they got older, the children he taught at Sunday School tended to migrate from Lego and other building toys to video games. He wanted them to keep creating, so he started a company called Seven:Twelve Engineering and began designing a building toy that could hold the attention of these older kids. That toy is called Crossbeams, and it can be used to design and assemble a huge range of toys – including big, detailed, moving cars and helicopters.Read More


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