Mobile Technology

5 features to look forward to in Android N

Just when we'd grown used to Google launching previews of Android at its I/O event in May, it decides to unveil the Android N preview early. These developer previews give app makers and users alike a heads-up about what's coming in the next version of the Android mobile OS, and these are the major new features we know about so far.Read More

VR Review

Homido Mini glasses review: Pseudo VR you can tuck in your pocket

It's taken some time to get here, but 2016 just may be the year that virtual reality finally hits its stride. It feels so long ago that the Oculus Rift first hit Kickstarter, sparking endeavor and imagination from consumers, companies, and developers. If you're completely new to virtual reality, the ultra-affordable Homido Mini glasses provide an extremely convenient – but significantly compromised – sneak peek.Read More


Aqua enhances mobile music without bulk, battery, or breaking banks

Smartphones and tablets are convenient ways for consumers to enjoy music on-the-go, but they have limits for audio reproduction – the internal hardware is able to accomplish only so much. Portable digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and AMP products solve this by providing the necessary power, but most options tend to be bulky, battery-operated, expensive, or all of the above. The Nexum Aqua aims to deliver an audio experience without any of those drawbacks.Read More

Home Entertainment Review

Review: Plantronics' feature-filled BackBeat Sense headphones

Plantronics, well known for communication headsets and Bluetooth earpieces, has been showing more of its casual, active lifestyle side over the past year. The Plantronics BackBeat Pro, BackBeat Fit, and BackBeat Go 2 have been targeted at consumers looking for portable audio gear. But with the market so saturated these days, it takes more than Bluetooth wireless to turn heads. We get some quality time with Plantronics’ latest BackBeat Sense headphones to see if the added features truly make a meaningful difference.Read More


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