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The Nude Top Mitsuoka Orochi

By - October 24, 2005 14 Pictures
October 25, 2005 Mitsuoka Motors is an eccentric boutique Japanese specialist automotive manufacturer that has been growing in stature over the last decade and is already regarded as a supercar manufacturer thanks to its Orochi concept which was first shown in 2001 at the Tokyo Motor Show, evolved further in 2003 for the next big Tokyo Show and has evolved still further with a “nude top” (convertible to the rest of the world) version of the Orochi for this year’s show that began this week. The Orochi was originally based on Honda’s NSX supercar and although there are no details of the Nude Top Orochi, we suspect it still is. Just before you dismiss this as just another supercar story, check out the Le-Seyde which is just one of seven limited production models manufactured by the company. It has been in production since 1990 and is still based on a domestic 2.0 litre Japanese production model but we think it looks fabby. Great picture gallery inside. Read More

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