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Most powerful Mini ever – the MINI GP for Geneva Motor Show

February 21, 2006 The MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works (JCW) GP Kit will make its first public viewing at the Geneva Motor Show. The fastest, most powerful production MINI ever will reach 62mph in under 6.5 seconds and achieve a top speed of 146mph. The GP has a power output of 218bhp, a stunning 136bhp per litre, and a maximum torque of 245Nm. Only 2000 of this special production model will be built with production beginning from July onwards. The guide price is UKP22,000 which includes UKP10,000 worth of additional equipment if specified on a standard MINI Cooper S. In the spritual home of the MINI, the United Kingdom, almost three-quarters of the UK allocation have already been ordered by MINI enthusiasts six months ahead of launch.  Read More

New MINI production model announced - inspired by Traveller Concept

January 12, 2006 BMW will be enhancing the MINI family with a further model. The new MINI model will offer increased interior space and increased functionality in order to appeal to the distinctively experience-oriented and active MINI customer. The new car will take its inspiration from the MINI Detroit design concept shown at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) this week. Although it has yet to be defined which of the unique ideas and design features presented on the concept will be implemented for series production, Dr. Michael Ganal in his speech at the NAIAS stated a time frame of three years for the realization of the new MINI model.  Read More

Limited Edition high performance MINI

November 21, 2005 MINI boosts output and cuts weight to offer the world a limited edition super performance model dubbed MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit. Producing a feisty 160 kW (up 6 kW on the regular factory John Cooper Works Tuning Kit), the lightweight car was revealed to MINI enthusiasts at a global MINI festival called MINI United, held in Italy this weekend. Just 2,000 copies of this new model will be produced starting from July 2006.  Read More

MINI Picnic Set Concept

October 25, 2005 The concept of cars designed to be reconfigurable for multiple purposes has long been one we've shown great fondness for at Gizmag. Our automotive section is full of interesting twists and concepts based on existing chassis and the latest concept to come out of BMW-owned Mini is one that will appeal to a lot of people. After the success of the MINI Concept Frankfurt at the Frankfurt Motor Show, MINI launched a new interpretation of the classic Mini Traveller at the Tokyo Motor Show that reflects the Japanese appreciation for all things British. The concept is experimenting with access and storage solutions. The roof system houses a table and two chairs for impromptu picnics and weary guests at cricket matches. The cargo box in the rear of the car can be taken out and attached to the side window when open to create a table for serving tea and scones. An extensive photo gallery of one of the most detailed concept cars you're ever likely to see (not to mention very narrowly focussed).  Read More

Mini Wagon Concept surfaces

September 13, 2005 Forty-five years after the launch of the Mini Traveller (wagon) in September 1960, MINI has unveiled a new MINI wagon concept at the Frankfurt motor show. The MINI Concept Frankfurt is the first MINI design study since the launch of the MINI brand at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997 and it re-interprets the feel of the original British-built Traveller via a new concept of “Travelling in Style” for the 21st century. The MINI Concept Frankfurt is packed with innovation inside and out. Its coupe-like profile and wide-opening doors feature intelligent parallelogram hinge mechanisms.  Read More

High Performance MINI is Now Ex-Works

August 23, 2005 MINI has announced its most potent factory built car yet. From this month, the steroid-enhanced MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works Tuning Kit is being built alongside MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S models on the Oxford production line. Previously, the John Cooper Works Tuning Kit had been retro fitted by MINI Garages. Now, MINI buyers can order the hot-shot 154 kW 1.6-litre supercharged engine version (with 254 Nm of torque) direct from Oxford. A MINI Cooper S fitted with the tuning kit is capable of generating a top speed of 143mph and reaches 0-62mph in 6.6 seconds. The 'Works' features a modified cylinder head with higher compression, modified engine electronics and increased throughput injectors. The factory option will also include the following JCW products as standard: air filter system, 16" disc brakes and calipers, exhaust pipe finisher, front apron and tailgate badges, certificate of authenticity. A limited slip differential is also included in the cost in the UK and for Australian buyers, any MINI Cooper S ordered with the John Cooper Works Tuning Kit also includes additional specification, comprising the powerful John Cooper Works brakes package.  Read More

Stretched MINI - with on-board spa

MINI brought a smile and a couple of world records to the Olympics in Athens when it unveiled a new six-metre long MINI XXL. The oversized compact will service visiting celebrities in Athens and is sure to make an impression thanks to its fully-functioning on board spa. The XXL has a detachable hardtop roof section which pulls away to reveal the spa. And it's the first MINI ever to have room for an awesome foursome in the back, thanks to two rows of paired seats.  Read More

MINI Cabrio Unveiled

The MINI, one of the great success stories of modern automotive design, is to be released as a convertible. The newly designed MINI Cabrio features some ingenious design in the roof and sunroof and the way the vehicle cleverly uses space. Another stunner!  Read More

BMW and MINI release Data Storage Watches

A portable USB drive incorporated into a wristwatch - we were impressed by the idea when we first discovered the MEMIX watch, and now BMW and MINI have jointly released their own versions of a Memory Watch. Storing up to 128MB of data via an internal memory card, both watches emulate the style of the automotive namesakes...  Read More

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