Good Thinking

Computer creates high-tech Rembrandt counterfeit

In conversations about artificial intelligence and the time when machines will be able to functions as well as — or better than — human beings, it's often said that one thing computers will never be able to do is create art and music the way we do. Well, that argument just lost a bit of steam thanks to a project that's been carried out by Microsoft and ING. Working with a Dutch University and two museums in the Netherlands, the project, called "Next Rembrandt," used algorithms and a 3D printer to create a brand-new Rembrandt painting that looks like it could easily have been delivered by Dutch Master's own hand about 350 years ago.Read More


Windows 10 review: Microsoft builds an OS for the future

After the underwhelming Windows 8, Windows 10 is Microsoft's second attempt to build an operating system that's ready for the future while staying loyal to the past. The Start menu is back, Cortana makes the jump to the desktop, and Microsoft has put together an OS that it hopes is truly ready for computers, tablets, phones, games consoles and beyond.Read More


Microsoft's "holoportation" lets you augment someone else's reality

Microsoft's research division has developed a new kind of 3D video capture system called "holoportation" that allows for 3D renderings of people to be virtually transported to any environment in real-time. For Star Trek fans, think of it as the inverse of the "holodeck" featured in the franchise that renders virtual environments around a real person. Read More


Microsoft's undersea data center uses the ocean to keep its cool

Although many people may think that cloud computing exists purely in cyberspace, it does in fact have a physical home – data centers located around the world, each one full of linked servers. These data centers use a lot of power, they create a lot of heat, and it helps if they're close to populated areas. While we've already seen some creative approaches to meeting these needs, Microsoft recently announced that it's tried something else yet … it anchored an unmanned data center to the bottom of the sea.Read More

Mobile Technology

2015 2-in-1 Comparison Guide

Are you looking for a laptop that doubles as a tablet, or a tablet that doubles as a laptop? Even trying to define this new hybrid category is confusing, and that's before you get a chance to think about which model works best for you. To take some of the pain out of the process, we've compared six of the best 2-in-1 laptop/tablet devices in all of the key categories you need to be aware of.Read More


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