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MG officially unveils its MG3 customizable hatchback supermini

By - June 12, 2013 72 Pictures
MG summoned the British motoring press to Birmingham today for the UK unveiling of its MG3 supermini. The five-door hatchback is an attempt to bridge the gap between the functional and affordable hatchbacks on the market (think Ford Fiesta) and more iconic aspirational models (like the Mini). Despite the company's troubled recent history, it is confident that the brand still carries prestige. Though MG's engineers are split between the UK and Shanghai, MG's Global Design Director, Anthony Williams-Kenny, today emphasized that the MG3 is an example of British design. Read More
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MG's CS urban SUV concept and MG3 "supermini" showcased in Shanghai

By - April 21, 2013 11 Pictures
Since the 1920s, British auto manufacturer MG has provided the world with some quirky, yet iconic sports cars. MG (Morris Garages) fell on hard times in the 80s and 90s and has struggled to remain relevant ever since. Now under the ownership of China's largest car-maker SAIC, the firm is working to re-establish itself as a competitive marque. To this end, the company rolled-out its latest offerings at the Shanghai Auto Show this weekend including the MG3 hatchback and the MG CS Crossover concept. Read More
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Classic car lovers rejoice: the MG and Austin Healey are back

By - June 27, 2007 1 Picture
June 28, 2007 Great news for lovers of classic sports cars as two iconic brands rise from the ashes. The well-loved and historic MG marque made a welcome return to the spotlight last weekend as the first car produced by its new Chinese owners was unveiled at Silverstone's 2007 MG Car Club gathering. Nanjing also announced an agreement with Healey Automobile Consultants to take over and revive the Austin Healey, another famous sportster that has been out of production for over 35 years. With MG production starting later this year, Nanjing is receiving strong interest in global dealer partnerships from a number of major brands, so it won't be long until these famous names are back on a street near you. Read More

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