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Macroswiss's Hydrobot mimics a seagull floating on the water.

Video capture and transmission technology has become so compact, reliable and cheap that remote-controlled spy-cams are making their way into general military use in a variety of creative packages. That seagull bobbing quietly up and down on the water, for example, could be one of Macroswiss's electrically-propelled remote control surveillance cameras. The company also manufactures small gun-mounted targeting cameras that allow operatives to point their firearms around corners and shoot whatever's on their wrist-mounted screen like it's a video game. And then there's the short-range throwing camera, which can be lobbed grenade-style into a dangerous or hostile area. It automatically rights itself and transmits a remotely-controlled rotating view back to an assault team so there's no surprises when they enter the area.  Read More

The unstoppable back-packable 6x6 Spyrobot

March 22, 2008 The Macroswiss 4WD Spyrobot is virtually unstoppable – it can swim and traverse almost any terrain with its 4WD flapper wheels. Now work has begun on a 6WD model which will carry four times its weight - an arsenal of sensing apparatus and increasingly, munitions, yet still remain back-packable for squad level usage.  Read More

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