Only 30 Superhouses will ever be designed

During time spent working alongside a naval architect, Magnus Ström is said to have wondered why superyachts existed, but not superhouses. Well now, courtesy of Ström, Superhouses could become a reality. They are aimed at being "the most beautiful, unique and design-led houses possible."Read More

Around The Home

Imperiali Genève's Emperador puts cardboard cigar boxes to shame

Most cigar boxes are cheap cardboard affairs that are useful for keeping bits and pieces in or turning into an inexpensive guitar. Definitely not in the homespun musical category is the Emperador cigar chest from Imperiali Genève. This is a high-tech container that holds two dozen bespoke cigars and clocks in at a cool one million Swiss francs (US$1,048,000) – making this both one of the most expensive and technologically advanced cigar boxes in history.Read More


SeaXplorer yacht will break the ice to reach new places

While the vast majority of us will never be able to relate to this "problem," it is conceivable that the world's super-rich could eventually get bored of cruising the same ol' Caribbean and Mediterranean seas. Reaching more remote, less hospital locations, however, would take a special kind of yacht ... and that's just what the ice-breaking SeaXplorer is intended to be.Read More


Star Wars by Devon takes watches to the Dark Side

Companies the world over are clamoring to release licensed merchandise ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The recent Force Friday saw numerous products launched on an expectant public, but while most are priced between a few dollars and a few hundred dollars, rarer items come with a heftier price tag. One example of the latter is the limited-edition Star Wars watch from Devon, which will set Star Wars fans with very deep pockets back US$28,500.Read More


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