Stunning Ancient Party Barn blends old with new

Situated near Folkestone, Kent, within one of England's designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Ancient Party Barn is a barn conversion that stands out from the many others which dot the British countryside. Liddicoat & Goldhill mixed old and new, playful and practical, industrial machinery and residential comfort, to produce a stunning luxury home that remains sympathetic to its history and the surrounding landscape.Read More

BIG twisting tower topped by $28 million penthouse

Miami's verdant and bohemian enclave Coconut Grove will soon have its first new high-rise residential buildings for a decade. Grove at Grand Bay comprises a pair of twisting towers in lush grounds. It will offer spacious indoor-outdoor apartments ranging from US$2.95 million to $28 million.Read More

Automotive Review

Review: 2016 BMW 340i, the top of the 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series has long been the benchmark for the midsize luxury sedan market. Combining the best of German luxurious sports driving into one package, this has long been the sedan to beat. Although others are doing well, bringing some stiff competition, the 3 Series sees a few updates, especially to the top-end six-cylinder engine, that keep this Driving Machine out front.Read More


Lincoln reimagines American luxury with new Continental

Lincoln has been through some tough times in recent years, but this year's Detroit Auto Show provided some strong evidence to suggest Ford's luxury arm is well and truly alive. The new Continental takes a unique path by ignoring Nurburgring lap times and pulling out of the technology arms race kickstarted by Mercedes and BMW. Instead, Lincoln has presented the quintessential modern American luxury car. Read More

New $250 million luxury resort planned for Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is not short of luxury resorts – and it's about to get another. Covering 16 acres, the US$250 million St James Point mixed-use resort will incorporate lush grounds and a 1,000-ft private beach while, according to the designers, remaining sensitive to the existing tropical environment.Read More

Good Thinking

The top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas 2015

This is how it's supposed to work: You pen a note to Santa outlining how wonderfully well behaved you've been throughout the year and put forward a wishlist of all the goodies you deserve in recognition of your exemplary performance. The elves then set to work with their hammers and saws and carbon fiber fabrication techniques to produce your heart's desire before Santa loads it up and drops it down your chimney with no regard for physics or reindeer haulage limitations. Ok, it's not going to pan out that way, but that doesn't stop us from setting aside the crushing reality of socks and scented soap for a moment and dreaming a little dream. Here's our annual list of the top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas.Read More


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