New $250 million luxury resort planned for Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is not short of luxury resorts – and it's about to get another. Covering 16 acres, the US$250 million St James Point mixed-use resort will incorporate lush grounds and a 1,000-ft private beach while, according to the designers, remaining sensitive to the existing tropical environment.Read More

Good Thinking

The top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas 2015

This is how it's supposed to work: You pen a note to Santa outlining how wonderfully well behaved you've been throughout the year and put forward a wishlist of all the goodies you deserve in recognition of your exemplary performance. The elves then set to work with their hammers and saws and carbon fiber fabrication techniques to produce your heart's desire before Santa loads it up and drops it down your chimney with no regard for physics or reindeer haulage limitations. Ok, it's not going to pan out that way, but that doesn't stop us from setting aside the crushing reality of socks and scented soap for a moment and dreaming a little dream. Here's our annual list of the top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas.Read More


Hifiman eyes high end mobile market with Edition X headphones

Earlier this year, Delaware-based high-end headphone maker Hifiman launched a new flagship planar magnetic open back headphone to much audiophile and pundit applause, with the nanometer-thick diaphragm and non-symmetrical planar driver design offering critic-silencing clarity and sonic detail. They were big. They were beautiful. And, at US$3,000, they were eye-wateringly expensive. Hifiman's president and founder Dr. Fang Bian says that he wanted to offer a model with similar features and performance, but one that was more portable and didn't need a large expensive amp to run it. This has been realized in the new Edition X.Read More


Bespoke Coach 144 Sprinter van is all about chauffeured luxury

California's Bespoke Coach used the recent LA Auto Show to reveal its latest luxury van. The 144 Executive Coach is a smaller, less expensive alternative to its full-size Sprinter 170 coach, but the new model doesn't slouch on comfort or luxury. The van comes stuffed with everything from custom-made recliners, to a built-in bar, to an entertainment system with dual LED TVs and available Apple TV and DirecTV.
Read More

Around The Home

Backyard dining, Zaha Hadid-style

Iraqi-British starchitect Zaha Hadid recently turned her considerable talent to designing a prefabricated pavilion. The Volu Dining Pavilion is currently on display at Design Miami and available for purchase in a very limited edition – with a reported price tag of US$480,000. Read More

Home Entertainment

Stunning Ikarus boutique amp nears completion

Australian-born artist and designer, electrical engineer and recording engineer Kostas Metaxas started making and selling high-end audio systems in 1981. He considers art and design to be "visual music" and has combined haute horology watchmaking techniques, electrical and mechanical engineering and fine art for his latest eye-popping project – the Ikarus integrated amplifier. First revealed earlier this year in a series of computer-generated images, the Ikarus is now being readied for release.Read More


Volvo turns to hybrid power for new flagship S90

Volvo has taken another step away from its boxy, boring past with the release of the new S90 sedan. Armed with a high-tech hybrid powertrain and a face that borrows its handsome square jaw from the XC90, the S90 leads Volvo into battle against the upcoming Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series, both of which promise to be technological powerhouses. Read More


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