London's growing up

The rise of London's skyline shows no sign of abating, with a total of 436 tall buildings now planned or under construction according to a new report. The number of buildings over 20 stories high in the pipeline has increased from 263 last year and 230 the year before, with housing a major driving force.Read More

Brighton's vertical cable car is top of the pods

A viewing pod ten times the size of those on the London Eye has been completed for what is claimed will be the world's tallest moving observation attraction. The Brighton i360 is a 162-m (531-ft) tower with a single pod that will accommodate 200 people. It will provide views of 26 miles (42 km) around.Read More

Urban Transport

Transport for London tries out e-ink signage

E-readers are already prolific on London's public transport – and now the same tech is being built into the transport infrastructure itself. Transport for London (TfL) is trialling e-ink digital displays to provide passengers with travel information. Maps, timetable and arrival times are shown in real time.Read More


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