Genii Cast Hub shares livestreamed video content to anyone in the world

Media entertainment tends to be more fun when experienced with friends and family, but it's not always convenient if those people live far away. A new device by Genii is designed to diminish the limitations of distance by livestreaming games, movies, or shows to anyone in the world. The Cast Hub allows up to six mobile devices to watch the same content, offering users the ability to enjoy and interact with each other in real time, as if on a virtual couch.Read More

Digital Cameras

Cerevo's live-to-Ustream camera is now live at Akihabara, 24/7

Japan camera-maker Cerevo has started a 24-hour live Ustream feed from Akihabara, in cooperation with a company in the area, Aisan Electronic. Recently Cerevo has been capitalizing on the growing popularity of Ustream live-streaming in Japan since Softbank's investment in the web service. By creating their 'networked camera', the Cerevo Camera Live, which is especially tailored for live-streaming, the company rides the coattails of a public increasingly interested in broadcasting on the web. Read More

Mobile Technology

Go live! Livestream Livepack puts a satellite truck in your backpack

A new backpack from Livestream called the Livepack puts a broadcast TV truck on your shoulders without the weight or cumbersome dimensions – but with the same broadcast capabilities. If you get A-list invitations that put you up close and personal with celebrities, or just fancy yourself as part of the paparazzi, this is a must-have device. The Livestream Livepack crams into a backpack the hardware unit to encode and transmit HD video, a Firewire cable, and six load-balanced built-in 3G modems in order to get the highest possible available bitrate. The system even comes with a dedicated IP address to stream to your Livestream channel - you’ll be a professional roving reporter before you know it (as long as you can provide your own Firewire DV camera).Read More


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