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Gold nanoparticles may be used to melt away fat

By - June 20, 2014 1 Picture
Liposuction may be a popular method of instant body fat reduction, but it certainly isn't perfect. Patients can experience bruising, there can be lumps that have to be addressed with a second procedure, plus things other than fat cells – such as connective tissue and nerves – can inadvertently also get removed. Two researchers, however, are developing what could be a better form of liposuction, that involves first using injected gold microparticles to melt the fat. Read More
— Health and Wellbeing

LipoControl helps reshape the body using laser technology

By - February 18, 2011 1 Picture
A new advancement in laser therapy has recently received the green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and may become the latest tool in removing unwanted fat cells. Osyris Medical has created the LipoControl system for laser-assisted lipolysis – the breakdown of body fats. However, unlike Coolsculpting, LipoControl does not bypass the need for invasive surgery. The system has been specifically designed for use in the operating room, along with laser lipolysis procedures. Unlike common liposuction units, this device is used to accurately zap unwanted fat cells using a laser, which then allows for an easier and cleaner suction out. Read More
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New breast enlargement method uses stem cells instead of silicone

By - August 5, 2007 0 Pictures
August 6, 2007 The number of breast enlargement operations performed in the US, for both augmentation and reconstruction purposes, has radically increased in the last decade. At the same time the number of operations to remove implants has also risen and given the potential surgical complications and health consequences of such surgery, many doctors find this trend troubling. Cytori Therapeutics, a Californian biotech company, has used stem cell technology to develop a more natural breast growth procedure and although it is still too early to determine their long term effectiveness, it’s possible that by avoiding the problems associated with current implants, the new approach could be a safer, healthier alternative. Read More
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Non-invasive "liposuction" while you wait!

By - December 30, 2006 1 Picture
December 31, 2006 We’re a funny bunch us human beings, and there’s no greater testimony to this than the number of liposuction procedures performed each year in the United States, which shows numbers growing from a mere 50,000 15 years ago, to an annual number approaching half a million. It’s the most popular plastic surgery procedure, mirroring US$35 billion a year sales of weight loss products and US$63 billion a year sales of low carb, fat, sugar, and calorie products. Liposuction is used to remove localized areas of fat so the body can be sculpted. The procedure is performed by vacuuming excess fat from the body using a cannula which is inserted through small incisions in the natural creases of the body. It’s a routine and safe procedure these days, but recovery takes at least a few days off your normal activities and you could still be wearing compression bandages up to a month later. Now a new procedure similarly reduces fat from localised body regions, (e.g. stomach or thigh or in industry parlance, your Banana fold, Buffalo hump, Cankles, Chubb, Doughnut or Wings), without requiring an incision or a lengthy recovery time. The procedure focuses high-intensity ultrasound through the skin into precise locations within subcutaneous adipose tissue, permanently disrupting the adipocytes without damaging the epidermis, dermis, or underlying tissues and organs. Treated tissue is resorbed via normal inflammatory mechanisms. LipoSonix has the potential to be offer non-invasive body sculpting to the masses with low cost and even lower time and recovery overheads. One to watch in 2007. Read More

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