ENO improves hammock comfort with integrated LEDs and mattresses

Hammock camping is far from a new phenomenon, but it's one that's gained some attention from the industry in recent years. Established brands and startups have been flooding the market with a variety of new designs, including flatter, more adjustable hanging beds like the Amok, more structured hammock-tent hybrids like those from Tentsile, bivy-hammock combos like the Alpine Hammock, and add-on shelter systems like the Nube. Hammock outfit Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) adds a bit of comfort and convenience to its 2016 line of hammocks with new products like an LED hammock and purpose-built inflatable mattress. Read More

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Makeup mirror mimics lighting conditions that you provide

Although light-equipped mirrors are currently used for applying cosmetics, they can only show users what their makeup will look like in that one type of light. This means that if you're going to be spending your day in a fluorescent-lit office, for example, then a mirror with halogen lights isn't the best way to go. That's why simplehuman created the Wide-View Sensor Mirror. Its full-spectrum LED lighting can replicate a variety of color temperatures, on demand.Read More

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Smart lamp takes indoor lighting in a new direction

Most modern lighting operation is fairly straightforward – switches flip on/off, maybe even dim. More recently connected bulbs have offered the additional benefits of wireless settings, and some even double as speakers. Now directional control is being added to the smart lighting mix. The Fluxo smart lamp is designed to cast light, directly and/or indirectly, with simple finger swipes on a mobile device.Read More


The international movement working to preserve the night's dark skies

An international movement working to preserve our dark night skies has released an interactive map of sites that everyone can visit. The International Dark-Sky Association's accredited "Dark Sky Places" provide visitors with the sparkling views of the night sky that our recent ancestors enjoyed as a matter of course. The parks are about more than just providing a place for astronomers and the public to look at the stars. They're also there to raise awareness of the problems that light pollution poses for the environment and even to human health.Read More

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"Hey Siri, movie time!" Nanoleaf Smarter Kit connects home lighting with voice control

Internet-connected LED bulbs offer greater energy efficiency and remote-controlled operation over their standard counterparts. As the use of mobile apps to switch and/or dim lights is becoming more mainstream, some companies are taking the next step towards futuristic sophistication. The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is designed to provide smart lighting control through voice commands given to Siri.Read More


New fluorescent lighting phosphors slash use of rare-earth elements

Phosphors are essential to fluorescent lighting, and thus office parks the world over, but their use of rare-earth elements makes them less than ideal. To address that issue, new types of phosphors have been developed that use substantially less rare-earth elements than current phosphors found in fluorescent bulbs. This could reduce the reliance on the limited supplies of rare-earth elements until fluorescent lighting can be completely replaced by LED lighting, which isn't expected to occur for over a decade.Read More


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