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The T1 creates better visibility for night cycling

The Torch T1 bicycle helmet utilizes an integrated LED lighting system to increase a cyclist's night-time visibility. After earning over 50 percent more than its Kickstarter goal just a few months ago, the T1 is now available for pre-order.  Read More

The Baby Plumen is better suited to regular lightbulb duties than its elder sibling

With the release of Baby Plumen 001, a shrunken version of its award-winning Plumen light bulb, Hulger is making a clear statement that the humble fluorescent light bulb isn't ready for the trash just yet.  Read More

Images of a statue from one piece of reflectance paper as seen with incident light from ei...

Recently the public has become aware of the potential of light field photography through the introduction of the Lytro camera. Light field recording allows an enormous degree of post-processing, letting you create just the image you want to print and display. A print, however, expresses only one aspect, no matter how carefully chosen, of the recorded light field. Can light field information be somehow encoded into a print, so an object can be examined from this side and that, or with different lighting conditions? A team of researchers at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, and 3M have made the first steps toward a positive answer by developing reflectance paper.  Read More

The Solite 100 and 250 are multi-functional lights designed for outdoor use

The Light & Motion Solite is a chameleon of outdoor lighting that was born ready to hit your handlebars, helmet, head and hand. The light was introduced in 2011 and is now getting improved with more run time and an enhanced safety light feature.  Read More

Kenya's capital Nairobi will be the site of a Philips' solar LED lights pilot project, the...

A collaboration between Philips and the Kenyan Urban Roads Authority will see the streets of capital city Nairobi being lit up with solar-powered LED lighting. The pilot project is the first of its kind in East Africa and and was launched during the 40th anniversary of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), which is headquartered in that city.  Read More

A small, magnetic clip on the back of the lamp lets you attach the Lapel Torch to your shi...

Look quickly at the Snow Peak Lapel Torch and you could easily mistake it for an iPod Shuffle with an earbud hanging off. The "Shuffle" is actually a battery pack and the earbud is an LED light. A sort of headlamp alternative, the Lapel Torch is a hands-free lighting solution.  Read More

Both versions of the Motion Lamp as they would look illuminating their surroundings

The importance of lighting can often be overlooked, but selecting the right illumination for each situation is actually rather important. Using a computer in the near-dark or reading without a suitable lamp can cause eyestrain, while creating the right mood can also be achieved by choosing the correct color, tone, and brightness. One light to suit every single situation doesn't exist, but the Motion Lamp from designer Gergo Kassai tries to its hardest to achieve this impossible task.  Read More

The Signal motorcycle helmet light (Photo: Quirky)

Because of the increased visibility that they offer, “third brake lights” have become standard on automobiles. Now, it's possible to buy kits that let you add such lights to the back of motorcycle helmets, although they typically have to be installed permanently. The Signal helmet light, however, can simply be strapped on.  Read More

Energy of the Nation will see a proportion of the London Eye illuminated to represent the ...

The London skyline has been used for celebratory illuminations quite a bit in 2012. First Tower Bridge was decked out in LEDs for the Queen's Jubilee, then a laser show marked the inauguration of Europe's tallest building, the Shard. Now the London Eye has been transformed into a social media driven light show for the Olympics.  Read More

In the evening shots, the LEDs come into their own

Designed to house the personal library of Mexican diplomat Antonion Castro Leal, the Castro Leal Library in Mexico City won first prize in the institutional category in the 2012 Mexican Association of Interior Designers' AMDI Awards. And looking at the interior shots, it's not hard to see why.  Read More

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