Highlights from the 2014 LA Auto Show


In the evening shots, the LEDs come into their own

Designed to house the personal library of Mexican diplomat Antonion Castro Leal, the Castro Leal Library in Mexico City won first prize in the institutional category in the 2012 Mexican Association of Interior Designers' AMDI Awards. And looking at the interior shots, it's not hard to see why.  Read More

The Andromeda Lamp is based on the Picatinny rail

Most lamps are strictly functional. Save for the light they add to a dark room, they essentially disappear quietly amidst louder, larger, more noticeable home accessories. The Andromeda Lamp is a different kind of lamp. The military-inspired lamp is a functional and fashionable (if military-spec-style lighting is to your taste) design that promises to stand out in any room.  Read More

One of 32 record-breaking animated mosaics projected onto Buckingham Palace (Photo: Bex Wa...

A series of striking illuminated animated mosaics projected onto Buckingham Palace has broken the Guinness World Record for the most artists working on an art installation.  Read More

INSTEON's new LED light bulb can be paired with its free iOS and Android app so that the b...

Purveyors of fine home automation technology INSTEON claim to be first to market with a "networked remote control dimmable LED light bulb". Compatible with any INSTEON remote control, the bulb can also be paired with INSTEON's free iOS and Android app so that it can be turned on, off, or dimmed, using most contemporary smartphones.  Read More

The LumaHelm, minus its translucent cover

Some readers may recall the Torch T1, a prototype bicycle helmet we recently featured. It incorporates light panels on the front and back, to make sure that cyclists get noticed by drivers when riding at night. Well, while it may seem to offer quite the light display, it's decidedly subtle compared to the LumaHelm. Designed by a team of researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s Exertion Games Lab (which previously brought us the Joggobot), it’s a bike helmet covered with an array of 104 multicolored programmable LEDs.  Read More

Featuring full spectrum LEDs, the Kick boasts adjustable color temperature and can be used...

Lighting is possibly the single most important aspect of good photography and filmmaking, yet it's frequently overlooked and considered the reserve of professionals. This is a shame, because you don't need a professional lighting setup to see a marked improvement in your shots. The Kick is a budget full-spectrum lighting studio which can fit in your pocket and is controlled by your iPhone.  Read More

Humanscale's Symtra lamp, designed in partnership with light fixture and industrial design...

Humanscale's Symtra lamp, designed in partnership with light fixture and industrial designer Peter Stathis, reinvents the lampshade while doing away with the traditional light bulb.  Read More

The Nite Ize WrapLit bends, wraps and flexes for all kinds of uses

The Nite Ize WrapLit LED Utility Light combines LED lighting and a big, rubberized twist tie to give you a light with an infinite number of personalities. Tie it over your work area, sculpt it into a lamp, wrap it around your arm and otherwise bend it to your needs.  Read More

The Tower Bridge lighting system took designers and electricians six months to install (Cr...

London has got quite a summer of celebrations coming up, this week sees the Queen's Jubilee, and it's not long until the London 2012 Olympics. As such there are countless festivities planned across the city … and even the historic landmarks are getting in on the act. Tower Bridge has been kitted out with a new state-of-the-art lighting system to help mark the occasions.  Read More

The creative fellows at Pensa are turning a few heads with their Street Charge concept tha...

The creative fellows at Pensa are turning a few heads with their Street Charge concept that would seek to turn everyday city street signs into illuminated charging stations for mobile devices.  Read More

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