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The 60 most valuable guitars ever sold at auction

In the last decade, vintage guitars have become a viable investment. Here's our list of the top 60 most valuable guitars ever sold at auction. The list clearly shows that value is more closely related to the significance of the instrument in musical history than the quality of its sound, with guitars formerly played by Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, The Edge, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Les Paul and Paul Bigsby dominating the listings.Read More

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Les Paul Reference Speakers debut in Berlin

Other than being known as a virtuoso guitarist and constant tinkerer, Les Paul also had a consuming passion for sonic excellence. Of course, his name graces the headstock of a certain iconic guitar that's carved its way into the rock history books, too. Gibson brought pre-production versions of some new high-end speakers to IFA 2014 that sport the great man's signature, and Gizmag stopped by for a look and listen.Read More


Tom Doyle completes the late, great Les Paul's final project

When guitar virtuoso and tech innovator Les Paul died five years ago, one of his last projects was an attempt to create high impedance humbuckers that matched the clear, dynamic sparkle of his beloved low impedance pickups. Sadly, the Reaper took the Master before his endless experiments hit pay dirt. But his collaborator and guitar tech for over four decades has picked through Les Paul's numerous experimental models and prototypes, his extensive notes and hotchpotch of parts and joined the dots to realize his friend and mentor's dream and create the Tru-Clones PAF 57 humbucker.Read More


Items from the estate of Les Paul head for charity auction block

Mention the name Les Paul, and most people will think of Gibson's famous guitar and not the extraordinary person after which it was named. To mark what would have been the 97th birthday of the accomplished guitarist and visionary inventor born Lester Polsfuss in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1915, Julien's Auctions will host an auction of some of Les Paul's personal estate. All proceeds from the sale will go to the Les Paul Foundation, a charity that encourages young people to pursue their curiosity and innovation about music, sound and engineering.Read More

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Guitar pioneer Les Paul - 1915-2009

Genuis. Pioneer. Innovator. Words that don't even come close to describing the revolutionary thinking of one Lester William Polsfus. Better known as Les Paul, he had such a huge influence on the world of modern music that it's difficult to sum up his achievements in such a short piece. I use the past tense because sadly the Wizard of Waukesha died in a New York Hospital on August 13th.Read More


Gibson recreates the Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood

There are as many modified electric guitars in the world as there are guitarists who play them, but rare is the modified “off-the-shelf” guitar that is elevated to iconic status by the artist who played it. Such is the case with Jeff Beck’s “Oxblood” Les Paul, a guitar from the heart of tone history. Gibson has unveiled an accurate recreation of this legendary instrument: the Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood. The guitar joins a range of signature Les Paul guitars from the likes of Jimmy Page, Slash and soon, Michael Bloomfield.Read More


Gibson Guitar’s HD.6X-Pro Digital Guitar now available

December 4, 2006 Gibson has finally announced the availability of the Gibson HD.6X-Pro Guitar System, the result of years of research and development, the HD.6X-Pro Guitar System, nicknamed the HD LP, uses the latest, groundbreaking digital technology. The result may look like an electric guitar, but the Gibson HD LP is a complete digital audio system that is poised to usher in a new era of music making. Guitar legend and father of the electric guitar, Les Paul, spent time in New York last week to personally autograph 100 limited-edition HD LP guitars which are being sold online at US$8000 each or you can buy one without the signature for US$5000.Read More


Gibson's Digital Les Paul Guitar

October 17, 2006 Gibson showcased its new Les Paul HD.6X-PRO Digital Guitar at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention last week to much acclaim. In semi-public development for several years, the Gibson Digital Guitar is a genuine Gibson Les Paul, plus it uses digital technology. The best part of the Gibson Digital Guitar system is its delivery of signal processing on a string-by-string basis, providing unprecedented control with the ability to adjust volume, pan, equalization and the routing of each string individually. This means you can use a guitar amplifier for each string ... or record all six strings individually into a computer ... or send the six-string digital signal to a compatible guitar processor ... giving guitarists the ultimate flexibility for crafting their custom sound. Through Gibson's advanced technology, each string's signal is isolated, converted from analog to digital and routed individually, giving the player a myriad of live performance and recording options.Read More


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