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The world's most valuable barn find: 60 rare cars untouched for 50 years

By - December 14, 2014 49 Pictures
Proof that priceless barn finds are still out there comes from France where elite auction house Artcurial has discovered the automotive equivalent of Tutankhamun’s tomb: 60 cars untouched for 50 years on a French farm included four Ferraris (and yes, a Ferrari California Spider), eight Delahayes, a Hispano Suiza H6B cabriolet Million-Guiet, a Maserati A6G Gran Sports and nine Talbot Lagos including four T26s, one a rare Grand Sport Aérodynamique, another a Saoutchik-bodied cabriolet formerly owned by King Farouk of Egypt. They're all for sale. Read More
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Aston Martin to revive Lagonda Marque

By - September 2, 2008 4 Pictures
September 03, 2008: Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez has confirmed his intention to revive the Lagonda marque. The Lagonda name is one of the British automotive greats of the pre-WW2 period, founded in 1906 (by American Wilbur Gunn who named the company after a river near his home in Springfield, Ohio). The company was integrated into Aston Martin in 1947. Aston Martin will use the name to develop cars of “a different character than a sportscar, and therefore offer a perfect synergy” with the existing range. Lagonda will use a new and unique design language using “elements of DNA from the past” but the new marque will be “very future orientated” and offer “exclusive, luxurious and truly versatile products with high quality and usability.” The first concept will be shown during the marque’s 100th anniversary year (2009) and will be brought to market as early as 2012. Read More
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Running costs of US$1400 a mile!

By - September 25, 2007 1 Picture
September 26, 2007 This car might well be one of the most expensive automobiles to have ever been owned with running costs, including depreciation, insurance, registration, garaging ad infinitum, currently standing at well over UKP 700 (US$1400) a mile. Costing around UKP250,000 to build, it has covered just 348 miles in the past 22 years and its value is now estimated around UKP30,000 – meaning it has cost UKP 632 (US$1264) per mile in depreciation alone! The car, which took eight Aston Martin Lagonda craftsmen two years to design and three years to construct, is going to auction next week. Read More
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V12 Lagonda found in barn

By - June 3, 2006 3 Pictures
June 4, 2006 It’s the classic modern myth – an original and usually priceless car unearthed in a barn fifty years after it was hidden there. Well that’s close to the scenario of this remarkably original 1939 Lagonda V12 Drophead Coupe that will go under the hammer at auction in the UK next month. Fresh from its dry hiding place, it sports the original push-button radio, the correct period lights and wire wheels and is showing just 50,112 miles on the odometer. Read More

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