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At USD$17, the Kyono iPhone Appstand hits the sweet spot for price and functionality and a...

There’s a significant skew in Gizmag.com’s readership towards people who don’t just use an iPhone, but rejoice in its functionality and we suspect those people will just love the Kyono Appstand. They might even buy several and give a few away in the next month.  Read More

BlackCoat with integrated iPod controls

January 16, 2006 Apple sold 14 million iPods in the Christmas quarter of 2005. Which accounts for why there are 700 iPod accessories soon to be wearing Apple’s “Made for iPod” logo – 700 different products which are all iPod accessories - no wonder Apple decided to charge a fee to trade off the success of its iconic MP3 player. As we’ve already noted, the world’s automotive manufacturers are clamouring to offer iPod integration and now the first wave of wearable technology manufacturers are doing likewise. One of the latest announcements is from Kyono which is marketing what it hopes will become the male equivalent to a woman’s ‘little black dress.’ The BlackCoat Work is a lightweight jacket made from water resistant stretch cotton and is scheduled for release in March 2006 at US$179. The BlackCoat Work is one of four new lightweight outerwear designs for Spring 2006 that will include integrated controls for Apple iPods. As with similar MP3-player jackets already released, the BlackCoat Work user hooks the iPod up to the jacket and controls the play, pause and volume controls from the sleeve.  Read More

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