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Robotics used to create custom-themed interactive game park rides

By - November 12, 2006 10 Pictures
November 13, 2006 As soon as you connect the two – robotics and theme park rides – it makes sense. Why build a one-off ride that will eventually lose its appeal when you can create an infinite number of rides by using a programmable industrial robot? German company KUKA Roboter GmbH builds industrial robots for the automotive, aerospace and foundry industries, among others. Its fully-programmable 5- and 6-axis robots can reach of up to 3.7 metres with payloads of 570kg and are employed around the world for applications such as material handling and machine loading. Kuka has partnered with Canada’s Primal Rides to provide a new fully interactive amusement ride. The KUKA KR 500 robot will be used as the building block of Primal Rides’ new robotic gaming ride. The interactive ride can be designed to match customer’s requirements in theme, intensity and realism and to cost effectively change themes to adjust to rider appeal. Read More
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New SCARA robots and PC-based control platform enable easy automation solutions

By - August 24, 2006 2 Pictures
August 25, 2006 The prospect of a robotic production line might seem well beyond the financial constraints of most small businesses but industrial robots are improving productivity in smaller companies every day. KUKA Robotics new high speed KR10 SCARA robot is designed for customers needing highly reliable and precise automation solutions of long reach tasks. The new 4-axis robots when combined with KUKA Robotics' user friendly PC-based control platform gives customers an extremely easy to learn and use, pick-and-place automation solution. The new SCARA family of robots is expected to find application in a diverse range of industries including the appliance, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry and plastics industries and in multiple applications including material handling, machine loading, assembly, packaging, palletizing, welding, bending, joining, and surface finishing. Read More
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World's Fastest Robotic Case Packer - Carbon Fiber reduces weight increases throughput

By - June 7, 2005 2 Pictures
June 8, 2005 Think carbon fiber and you think of expensive helmets, mission-critical lightweight components in Formula 1 racing cars and ... places where strength, performance and light weight are not optional. So a seemingly mundane production line robot is not exactly where you'd expect to find an exotic composite. Light weight components can make a huge difference when they're in the right place though and KUKA Robotics' new KUKA KR 40 PA case packing robot is a prime example. Read More

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