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Kodak EasyShare LS755 offers style and substance

November 12, 2004 The EasyShare LS755 zoom digital camera from Kodak is a sleek, Japanese-designed model that combines 5.0 megapixel picture quality and high-end features with simple operation and improved on-board viewing capabilities. The LS755 will be available in early December in Australia at a cost of $AUD 699, and in time for Christmas in Europe and other Asia-Pacific markets.  Read More

Kodak announces Mobile Imaging Service

November 12, 2004 Kodak Australasia has announced a comprehensive Mobile Imaging Service that will offer the growing number of camera phone users the ability to access, interact with and share their digital pictures on their camera phone, or via the web. Camera phone users with multimedia messaging service (MMS) and WAP 2.0 browsing capability are able to store and access their mobile images at Kodak Mobile Service directly through their handsets.  Read More

KODAK Stereo 3D Display

Stereoscopic image technology has come along way since Frank Hurley took his remarkable images of Douglas Mawson's 1911 expedition to Antarctica on an early Eastman Kodak camera. Today, those fragile stereoscopic glass plates are kept in Adelaide and could have new life breathed in to them. Eastman Kodak has recently showcased a new Stereoscopic Imaging Display system that allows viewers to experience three-dimensional images without glasses or headgear.  Read More

Kodak Easyshare V550 and V530 fuse digital camera and camcorder

June 10 , 2005 It’s no secret that the functionality of the digital camera and the camcorder are converging, so Kodak’s new Easyshare V550 and V530 zoom digital cameras should be no surprise – but they are, because they break new ground in blending video and still photography. For the first time, videos can be automatically turned into stop-action still pictures with the necessary 5-megapixel resolution for a sizeable photographic print while the still camera can also capture 80 minutes of TV-quality video with sound. Bringing image stabilisation with it to avoid on-screen shaking with built-in image stabilization technology, the new cameras (which look for all the world like a Canon IXUS), have a 3X optical zoom lens and a 2.5-inch, very high-resolution LCD screen (230,000 pixels) LCD screen, viewable from nearly any angle.  Read More

Kodak Easy Share DX4330

Digital Cameras have long made the transition from novelty gadgets to everyday consumer items and now that the "wow" factor has subsided, functionality, usability and attention to detail are in demand in addition to mega-pixel performance. Kodak's Easyshare DX4330 is designed to meet many of these challenges...  Read More

Kodak leads the Photokina digital charge with 16 megapixel SLR

The 2002 Photokina Trade Show held in Cologne, Germany from September 25-30 has brought with it a flood of groundbreaking photographic imaging releases...  Read More

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