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Knight Rider

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KITT makes an appearance at CES 2009

By - January 11, 2009 15 Pictures
Mio needed a little help promoting their Knight Rider GPS at CES 2009, and we can't complain about their choice of KITT - it's certainly holding up a lot better than David Hasslehoff. Whether you're a fan of the TV show or not, you'd be hard pressed to convince any of the team at Gizmag that this isn't a gorgeous machine. Having said that, two things disappointed us - the fact that no-one was keeping it clean, and the fact that we weren't allowed to jump in the driver's seat! Don't miss the gallery. Read More
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Knight Rider GPS by Mio lets you K.I.T.T. out your car

By - July 10, 2008 1 Picture
Always wanted to live out a “Hoff” fantasy - no, not drunkenly try to eat a hamburger, but rather driving around with the dulcet tones of K.I.T.T. riding shotgun? Well now thanks to the portable GPS navigation device maker Mio you can become a lone crusader and take a shadowy flight into the world of a man who does not exist. The Knight Rider GPS by Mio includes exclusive voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions featuring the original voice of K.I.T.T., William Daniels as well as a Knight Industries-approved LED display. Read More
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KITT and Magnum's Ferrari 308GTS for sale on EBay

By - October 28, 2004 5 Pictures
October 29, 2004 Celebrity, movie and television star cars have featured prominently in Gizmag recently, with the Batmobile going onto the auction block just a few weeks back. Now two more famous hero cars of 1980s television have gone under the hammer - the David Hasselhoff-driven KITT from the Knight Rider TV series and the original Ferrari 308 GTS driven by Tom Selleck in the smash-hit detective show, Magnum, P.I. Read More

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