Hiku gets online shopping on the button

We all know the frustration of getting home from the supermarket only to realize we've forgotten something - or to find that someone else has also been. The Hiku grocery button is aimed at helping users to avoid shopping list mix-ups. it can even help users avoid going to the supermarket altogether.Read More

Butter Boss lets you butter like a boss

Whether you need to spread it, measure it or slice it, a new device is claiming to make the process of using butter simpler. The Butter Boss is described as being like a "Chapstick for your butter," gradually dispensing it for easy use.Read More

Around The Home

Genie instant cooker turns pods into meals in 30 seconds

A new miniature cooker from Israel called the Genie is set to spark a revolution in meal preparation – it's able to turn pods of freeze-dried ingredients into full meals in as little as half a minute. Everything from chicken and rice to a chocolate soufflé can be whipped up, and the chefs working with the Genie inventors say that they're just getting started.Read More


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