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Digital Kiosks

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Custom Gift Card Kiosks

By - December 14, 2006 2 Pictures
December 15, 2006 Since the first Christmas card was sent in the year 1843 by Sir Henry Cole, the traditional has caught on and the Christian Festival is now the largest card-sending occasion in most European countries, the United States, Australia and a bunch of others. As far as we’re aware, George W Bush sends the most Christmas cards each year (approx. 1.4 million Christmas cards), America sends 1.9 billion Christmas cards and we warrant there’d be a few more sent across the rest of the world too. So it’s interesting to see the development of the Christmas card via personalised gift kiosks and on-line services such as Cardways. The Macy's Custom Gift Card Kiosk by Cardways is being tested in select locations in San Francisco and San Jose to give customers a more personal gift card experience. You can personalize your cards with photos and the message you want for that person, and ordered online or at the kiosk, the company prints, addresses and mails your cards for you. Read More
— Good Thinking

Fully-automated DropOff and PickUp Station

By - April 18, 2006 2 Pictures
April 19, 2006 Automated convenience is a growing market, and we’ve recently written about several interesting developments such as a fresh flowers vending machine, a fully-automated convenience store (no staff) and an intriguing temporary physical Virtual Store. Now the envelope is being pushed even further. Last year eAnytime began work on a medication dispensing system with biometric pre-authorisation to complement its virtual nurse biometric dose dispensing kiosks. Now it has announced an ingenious DropOff & PickUp station that opens up a plethora of new retail possibilities and partnerships. The kiosk (pictured) will enable dry cleaners to partner with supermarket and convenience store chains, large employers, office and apartment building management and hotels. The kiosks are being marketed as a cost effective alternative to staffed drop stores and home and office delivery and when installed in a processing store, can even act as a front-end to a racking system. In addition to dry cleaning, the stations can also address laundering, alterations and repairs, leather apparel, household goods and shoe repair and uniform distribution. Read More
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The Electronic sommelier

By - September 29, 2005 6 Pictures
As the world’s wine consumption increases, the supply of staff capable of offering knowledgeable advice on wine matters at the point of sale has fallen well behind demand. That was what inspired the creation of the wine expert – kiosk-based sommelier software with a simple interface that assists customers in choosing the most suitable wine for an occassion. Customers can search the stock of the store by characteristic (sweetness, dryness, etc), country and region of origin, price category, grape variety or by specifying the type of food you intend to consume with it and having the wine expert suggest the most complementary vino. Developed through extensive field trials, the service can be implemented painlessly by the sales outlet as it requires no maintenance and monitors the store’s ordering of wine and electronically updates the kiosk each night with tasting notes, food matches and recipe ideas – even awards and recommendations – for every wine in stock. Now if you think that’s clever, there’s also a version that runs on a wireless tablet and functions as a winelist for restaurants – so instead of looking at a list of wine names, the customer can make intelligent decisions about wine choice with all the information. Read More
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US$450 Photo Kiosk for the Home

By - September 27, 2005 2 Pictures
September 28, 2005 There’s clearly a price war brewing between the photo printing laboratories and the home market with the announcement of the new Canon MP950 Photo All-In-One which prints, copies and scans personal photos and documents with the speed and ease of a photo kiosk - yet is small enough to fit on a desktop and costs just US$450. That’s mighty cheap for a unit that features a 7-colour ink system producing 9600 x 2400 colour dots per inch, has the ability to scan up to 12 negatives or 8 slides, and also offers wireless printing. Makes you wonder where it will all end, heh? Read More
— Good Thinking

Flower Kiosk provides fresh blooms at all hours

By - June 4, 2004 3 Pictures
One of the three category winners at the Australian Sensis YellowPages Business Ideas Grant Awards for 2003, Lisa Hayden's unique Floral eKiosk provides an automated self-service vending machine that provides access to fresh flowers 24 hours a day. The floral eKiosk is designed to fill a niche in a marketplace that is driven by impulse buying, with 95% of flower purchases for pick up or delivery happening on same day. The system also creates a non-intrusive environment where men in particular feel less embarrassed purchasing flowers and sending personal messages. Read More

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