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An incubator for the afterlife

Using cremation ashes to help grow a tree is an elegant, sensitive and natural way to memorialize someone after their death. This is what the Bios Urn, from a Barcelona-based company of the same name, is designed to do. The new Bios Incube provides more freedom and control in doing so.Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Plugging in with the MOS Pack charging backpack

There's a growing number of bags that are designed to provide energy to devices while on the go. Many backpacks, such as the Poros Tetra, AMPL Labs backpack, and TYLT Energi+, embed a USB battery to tap into. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the MOS Pack charging backpack takes a slightly different approach by incorporating the company's power extension solution instead. We recently had the opportunity to check out what it's like to load up and plug in MOS's modern backpack.Read More


This personal cloud stores your photos with easy mobile syncing, AI and facial recognition

When it comes to storing digital photos, looking for one particular image amidst potential tens of thousands can be daunting. A (currently crowdfunding) personal cloud, Monument, may be able to assist casual and professional shutterbugs alike, as it's designed with advanced algorithms that store, organize, and analyze photos and videos for simple, secure access.Read More


Simple device tracks motorsport performance

The Italian-made Brain One is a standalone, wireless tracking system that is claimed to be easy to use, and designed for integration with popular action gadgets. The device is intended to appeal to the motorsport fan who wants to improve their skills – or settle the "who's the fastest" argument with indisputable, hard data.Read More

Youmo modular power strip provides customizable sockets

The problem with power strips is that available sockets can soon run out, meaning you have to go out and buy new ones with more sockets. The Youmo modular power strip lets you add on additional sockets when needed, and also tag on USB ports for charging mobile gadgets.Read More


Self-calibrating Ossic X headphones envelop users with 3D audio

When it comes to movies, gaming, or virtual reality, it's the audio component that truly drives the immersive experience. Multichannel systems are able to create width, height, and depth of space, transporting people by suspending disbelief through sound. Such set-ups typically require multiple speakers, but the latest hardware offers a more personal, portable solution. The Ossic X headphones are designed to deliver 3D audio that instantly calibrates to the individual.Read More


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