Menacing walker teaches kids to build robots

The ZeGoBeast Electric is a large, mean-looking built-it-yourself walking robot that's designed to be as simple to build as possible, with step-by-step guides available both digitally and in paper form. The team hopes that the new DIY walker will become a tool for learning about programming and electronics.Read More

3D Printing

PolySmooth and Polysher take the edge(s) off 3D printing

While people are understandably pretty excited about what can be done with consumer 3D printers, one thing has to be admitted – the objects created by most of those printers tend to have a fairly rough, layered look to them. Polishing them by hand is one option, but Chinese startup Polymaker is now offering an alternative: a new printing material that essentially "self-polishes" when placed in an accompanying machine.Read More


Insect inspires floatation system for DJI Phantom

Presently, if you want to land a consumer drone on the water, you're pretty much limited to buying one of the special amphibious models. That, or you could try a DIY approach such as fastening styrofoam pool noodles to the skids. If a new Kickstarter project succeeds, however, there will soon be a commercial floatation product available for the popular DJI Phantom series of quadcopters.Read More


Back-packable organizer stores cooking gear and protects the flame

Back in 2013, we looked at Utah startup Grub Hub and its idea for hauling cooking gear to camp. Its wheeled kitchen-in-a-box rides to camp like a roller suitcase and sets up to give you an organized place to prep and cook. While it's a convenient way to get your kitchen from car to campsite, no one's taking such a large unit backpacking, canoeing or bikepacking, and it might even prove too much for car campsites that entail any kind of real hike-ins. For those kinds of activities, Grub Hub presents the all-new Cirque, a backpack-friendly kitchen organizer that doubles as a windscreen. Read More

Around The Home

Window-mounted air conditioning with a view

With record-breaking temperatures looming ahead like rippling walls of heat from sun-baked asphalt, it behooves one to check that air conditioning units are in proper working condition ahead of time. For those considering an upgrade, Philadelphia-based Likuma Labs has unveiled a new product that addresses the frustrations experienced with many window air conditioners. Noria is designed to be smaller, lighter, and quieter, while offering full-room circulation and smart connectivity.Read More

Digital Cameras

Pictar makes your iPhone more like a camera

Given the popularity of smartphone photography, many people no longer even own a stand-alone camera. That said, there is something to be said for the physical buttons and ergonomic design of cameras, that a phone just can't match. As a result, we've seen several docking devices that essentially turn smartphones into cameras. The Pictar is the latest, offering some handy features.Read More

Around The Home

Portable planter sticks greenery to windows

Sometimes even the most simple everyday items can benefit from a little bit of outside the box thinking. Take the humble flower pot – it might seem like a perfectly functional solution to growing plants inside the home, but isn't there a better way? Well, creators of the Livi planter certainly think so, with the product allowing you to position plants on both verticle and horizontal surfaces, while giving them a little more character. The project is currently seeking crowdfunding backers via Kickstarter.Read More


Wearable sleeping bag liner brings the heat at camp

Last fall, Utah startup Ravean brought some heated down garments and hoodies onto the scene in preparation of Winter 2016. Now that the winter is officially over in Utah and surrounding parts (more or less), Ravean is getting ready for summer by applying its 12V heating technology to sleeping bag liners. Its wearable liner makes your sleeping bag extra toasty on chilly nights and wears out of the tent, giving you a heated overcoat for cold mornings and evenings. It also charges your phone and other mobile gadgets. Read More


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