Leave the amp at home: Twin-speaker guitar throws out authentic tones

Showing off your shred skills to your friends can be less than satisfying using an electric guitar on its own. But lugging amps, effects and cables to the beach or campsite ain't exactly practical. And finding sockets nearby to power your fretboard athletics – forget it. Which is where guitars packing built-in speakers and effects come in handy. The latest to join the likes of the Fusion Guitar in bringing a modern twist to the play anywhere electric six string design is the Model One from ElectroPhonic Innovations, which is said to boast tube-like vintage tone and dial-in effects. Read More

Urban Transport

Modern e-bike looks like a blast – from the past

Back in the 70s, many a young lad owned a motorized minibike – and for all those who did, there were probably about 10 others who wished they did. Well, now they've got their chance to buy a more practical version of one. California-based Lithium Cycles' Super 73 is a 1,000-watt e-bike, designed to evoke the days of bell-bottom jeans and Charlie's Angels.Read More

Urban Transport

Electric scooter channels the spirit of the penny farthing

In some ways, it makes sense to put small wheels on electric scooters – they accelerate quickly, and allow the vehicle to remain on the small-and-portable side. On the other hand, they can also easily get stuck in potholes, causing the rider to fly over the handlebars. A group of Montreal-based entrepreneurs have created what they see as a good compromise, in the form of the SnikkyBike.Read More

Home Entertainment

Hanging speaker system directs music to a listener's ears

Giving into the urge to surround yourself in music at work or at home isn't a problem if there's only yourself to worry about. If you want to listen without bothering those around you, though, closed-back headphones would seem a logical choice. But long-haul use can be a little uncomfortable. Richard Haberkern's new Soundlazer VR directional speakers hang overhead like a light fitting and direct wirelessly streamed audio straight to the target listener, for the promise of a "high fidelity, focused cloud of sound that others can't hear."Read More


Nesting kayak can be carried like a backpack

While touring kayaks are great for exploring your local waterways, they can be quite a hassle to carry over long distances. It was with this in mind that Pakayak created the Bluefin 14. It's a modular plastic kayak that comes apart into six pieces. Those components nest within one another, and can then be carried like a backpack – albeit a big, heavy one.Read More

Around The Home

Grill cube gives you 270 degrees of charcoal searing

The barbecue grill comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and fuel types, but the basic layout tends to be the same: a horizontal grate set over top a heat source. Copenhagen Trade thinks it's time to blow that mold up and replace it with a three dimensional grill box that cooks food from the sides, as well as the top. The Silo Grill gives grilling a new dimension.
Read More


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