Good Thinking

Orbitkey opens door to keyring sales success

Growing tired of keys jangling around in his pockets while jogging, industrial designer Charles Ng set about building a rudimentary clamp that bound them together. A couple of years and numerous design iterations later, Ng is now selling his Orbitkey by the tens of thousands. So what is it about his product that has people ditching those cluttered loops of metal for something a little more stylish? We had a quick chat with the young entrepreneur to find out how his take on the everyday keyring unlocked serious start-up success. Read More

MagKey uses magnets to stop keys jangling

Occasionally an invention comes along that promises to change mankind fundamentally, enable us to grow as a species, and expand our capabilities beyond what was previously thought possible. MagKey isn't one of those kinds of inventions at all. It simply uses magnets to stop keys from jangling, but we're still impressed.Read More

Titanium Pocket Bit screwdriver fits on a keyring

If you're like a lot of people, every so often you'll find yourself needing a screwdriver without having one to hand. The Titanium Pocket Bit is a satisfying solution to that problem. It's a tiny, double-ended screwdriver on a keyring that is genuinely unobtrusive and and has a wealth of potential uses.Read More

Mobile Technology

ClicLite brings solar charging to your keyring

There are already a number of solar-powered phone charger/LED light combos out there, but the ClicLite is a little different from the rest – “little” being the key word. At just 4 x 4 cm (1.6 x 1.6 in), it can be attached to a keyring, and easily stuffed into a purse or pocket. Additionally, if its one included mono-crystalline solar panel isn't powerful enough for you, you can add on some others. Read More

Good Thinking

Keychain alternatives for the fingernail-less

The keyring is a true nemesis for those of us with short nails - such a simple contraption capable of bringing such deep frustration and resentment. Two innovative redesigns improve upon the traditional keyring, making keys easy to organize for all. The Freekey lets you pop it open with a push and the Carabiner Key gets rid of it completely. Read More


ECCO: The handy GPS locator on a keyring

Thanks to personal navigation systems, the days of getting completely lost whilst out wandering are well and truly behind us. GPS navigation systems can now show you 3D representations of your surroundings, give you multiple routing options and can even let you know if there's a good restaurant nearby. You can buy units to mount in your car, on your bike or on your wrist and can now even get GPS capabilities in most modern mobile phones. But if all you want is to be able to find your way back to where you started from as quickly and easily as possible then the ECCO personal GPS navigator might be of interest. Read More

Good Thinking

Keyring device could save you from silent killer

You can’t see it, smell it or taste it but, in high enough concentrations, it can kill you within minutes. It’s carbon monoxide (CO), and it’s America’s leading cause of accidental poisoning, with an estimated 400 deaths and 20,000 emergency ward admissions annually. The Pocket CO, the world’s smallest renewable carbon monoxide detector, will not only immediately alert you to dangerous levels of CO, but also calculate your exposure on a daily basis.Read More


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