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Powdered beer? Just add water

Picture the scene: you’ve been trekking hard all day in the great outdoors, enjoying everything nature has to offer. You’ve set up camp and your canned cheeseburgers are bubbling gently on the fire. As you watch the sun sink slowly behind the mountains the only thing missing is a cold beer. Well… (beer aficionados, you may want to stop reading now) Katadyn, the Swiss-based company behind the Trek’n’Eat canned cheeseburger and other high-tech, freeze-dried foods, has developed a world first – powdered beer – to wash it all down with.  Read More

Trekking-Mahlzeiten’s canned Cheeseburger

It’s unlikely to become a major competitor for McDonalds, but the world’s first cheeseburger in a can is the epitome of fast food, having been designed so adventurers can have a touch of comfort cuisine when they are a long way off the beaten track – just throw the can in hot water, wait a few minutes, open and eat. Sold under one of Katadyn’s best known brands, Trekking-Mahlzeiten, a subsidiary company that develops specialist ready-meals for the outdoor, expedition and extreme athlete markets, the offbeat product has a 12 month shelf life and is part of a range of high tech nutrition and survival products that includes a powdered alcoholic red wine, powdered chocolate mousse and the most remarkable of all, Peronin, “fuel for the bloodstream.”  Read More

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