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The Phoenix 2 by Beacon Audio

It seems everyone has a Bluetooth speaker in their product lineup today, and selecting the right one is a dizzying experience inciting even more vertigo with each passing week as the mountain of wireless sound options grows bigger. I'm going to walk you through some of the best Bluetooth options in this buying guide.  Read More

Nokia's new PlayUp range of speakers was created with JBL and follows up on a previous ran...

Nokia has announced a new range of cylindrical, wireless speakers for use with its Lumia smartphones, which have been created in partnership with audio specialist JBL. The range is the first of a collaboration between the two companies and was inspired by a previous series called Play 360°, which was also cylindrical.  Read More

JBL Control NOW loudspeakers

JBL'sControl NOW loudspeakers offer solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications via a unique curved shape that enables them to be placed virtually anywhere and promises to deliver high sound quality even in less-than-optimal acoustic situations.  Read More

JBL's On Stage 3 iPod docking station - now fully portable and compatible with your iPhone...

September 6, 2007 JBL have released an update to their popular On Stage iPod docking station. The new On Stage 3 offers a full featured remote control and it’s finally equipped with battery power, making it fully portable. It's even compatible with the iPhone.  Read More

JBL's Reference 510 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

June 23, 2007 Two sets of headphones we thought rated a mention: Motorola has released a set of Bluetooth wireless "DJ" headphones which pair with either music devices, games consoles or mobile phones, using a built-in microphone, and JBL have come out with an affordable headset that incorporates an ambient noise cancellation system.  Read More

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