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Vuzix iWear

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Vuzix announces Augmented Reality Accessory Kit for VR glasses

Vuzix, the creator of the VR920 Virtual Reality Video iWear, has showcased some exciting new accessories to compliment its 3D visor. Dubbed the Augmented Reality Accessory Kit, the add-ons consist of a clip-on USB camera and a wand-like input controller which the company promises will "allow the user to perceive and interact with the real world in ways they have never dreamed of before". Read More
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Vuzix iWear ships AV310 glasses - the first 16:9 personal media viewer

Vuzix Corporation's iWear® AV310 Widescreen headset is now on retail shelves. The 16:9 aspect ratio AV310 is compatible with all NTSC and PAL devices with video output, iPod, portable media players, video cameras, cell phones with video output and equates to viewing a virtual 52’ screen from 9-feet. At USD 250, it offers a high level of personal adjustment, including focus for each eye, so you can create your own virtual entertainment environment almost anywhere. Read More
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Vuzix immersive video eyewear - the wearable 62-inch screen

January 17, 2008 The iWear VR920 video visor from Vuzix (formerly Icuiti) promises an "as if you were there" virtual world experience, incorporating 3D technology, head tracking, microphone and audio in a wearable display equivalent to a 62-inch screen viewed at a distance of 9 feet. The company has also announced an upcoming gaming version (the AV920-C) will be added to the iWear range that connects to Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii and others for single and multiplayer video games, allowing users to select their half or quadrant and view it on their personal big-screen instead of splitting a single TV video screen 2, 3 or 4 ways. Read More