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Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G now shipping

By - November 10, 2008 4 Pictures
If there’s one complaint iPhone 3G users have it is the battery life, so it’s hardly surprising to see the first Apple certified “Works With iPhone” attached battery hit the market. The Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case that is designed to more than double the battery life of your iPhone and protect it at the same time. It offers pass-through USB so the iPhone can be charged and synced with iTunes via the included USB cable without removing it from the Juice Pack. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic Mobile Device

By - October 8, 2008 5 Pictures
What looks like an iPhone, functions like an iPhone, but isn’t an iPhone? Nokia’s new 5800 XpressMusic, that’s what. Nokia would most likely balk at suggestions their new mobile offering is in response to Apple’s ubiquituos device, but comparisons are inevitable with the 5800 sporting similar looks courtesy of a large touch screen, similar looking interface and focus on music. The 5800 XpressMusic will be among the first devices to support "Comes With Music", a Nokia service which offers one year of unlimited access to the entire Nokia Music Store catalogue. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Apple announces new iPod touch and iPod nano

By - September 9, 2008 5 Pictures
Apple's latest raft of product announcements includes a new, lighter and smaller iPod touch and the thinnest ever iPod nano, now in its fourth generation. The fresh models both boast sleek new designs but the nano gets the biggest boost in terms of functionality via a refined user interface and a built-in accelerometer which lets you performs tricks like automatically switching to Shuffle™ mode when the unit is lightly shaken. Read More
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Apple's tiny new 802.11n AirPort Express

By - March 18, 2008 1 Picture
March 19, 2008 Apple has updated its AirPort Express mobile base station with 802.11n to deliver up to five times the performance and twice the range of the previous model. With its single-piece, compact design weighing just 190 grams, the updated Airport Express is claiming the title of the world’s smallest 802.11n-based mobile base station. It can be plugged directly into the wall for wireless Internet connectivity and USB printing and is compact enough to be taken on the road for wireless freedom wherever there is an Internet connection. Read More
— Mobile Technology

More iPod news – 160GB Classic, new iTunes, custom ringtone maker and video nano

By - September 5, 2007 7 Pictures
September 5, 2007 Apple’s major announcement of the iPod touch was accompanied by a raft of other significant announcements including the introduction the new iPod classic, featuring 80GB or 160GB of storage, an iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, a new version of iTunes (7.4) with a custom Ringtone Maker, an all new iPod nano, with video playback on a two-inch display with 204 dpi (effectively the same resolution as the video iPod) and the news it is lowering the price of the 8GB iPhone from US$599 to US$399. Read More
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Surface computing meets home automation: ROSIE Coffee table touch-panel

By - September 4, 2007 1 Picture
September 5, 2007 Surface computing is moving full steam ahead and this latest release from Savant is another reminder that even the wireless mouse is becoming an outmoded piece of technology. The ROSIE Coffee Table Touchpanel Controller offers an easily accessible interface for home automation coupled with interactive multimedia capabilities, connecting to iTunes, digital cameras, IP network cameras, business card readers and various high-tech devices around the home. Read More
— Computers

Apple's sleek new all-in-one iMac in 20 and 24 inch designs

By - August 7, 2007 8 Pictures
August 8, 2007 The unveiling of Apple’s new all-in-one iMac comes on the back of several other notable product releases including a new slimline aluminum keyboard design – available in wired and wireless versions – and a Bluetooth wireless “Mighty Mouse” that boasts enhanced laser tracking, four independently programmable buttons and a new scroll ball that lets users scroll in any direction. Read More
— Mobile Technology

iTunes ditches DRM, adds free educational content

By - May 30, 2007 2 Pictures
May 31, 2007 Apple has finally announced the news that users have been waiting for - the first step in the removal of restrictive Digital Rights Management software that, among other things, prevented iTunes music from being played on non-iPod devices. The entire EMI catalogue is now available DRM-free, at a small price premium but with higher quality sound files. Apple simultaneously announced iTunes U, a free service allowing users to download lectures, campus tours and other materials provided by top US colleges. Read More

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