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Noomad transforms bicycle into three-wheeled cargo bike

By - August 20, 2013 18 Pictures
The Noomad, from Spanish outfit Polo De Innovacion Garaia, is designed to transform a traditional bicycle into a stable, three-wheeled workhorse equipped for hauling groceries, luggage, babies and more. The Noomad is essentially a simple metal panel connected to dual 18- or 20-inch wheels that swap in for your front bicycle wheel. To ensure a nimbler ride, the Noomad's wheels are connected to a tilting system that allows the rider to lean through corners. Read More
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One-armed bandit: Electrolyte integrates bicycle electrics in lefty fork

By - July 10, 2013 9 Pictures
We've looked at a surplus of electric bicycle designs over the years, and while we'd be hard-pressed to call any particular design "usual" in this diverse category, a common feature shared by many is a frame-integrated battery pack. German manufacturer Electrolyte dismisses that common element, integrating the battery, motor and controller of its pedelec bikes into a single fork shaft assembly. Read More

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