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ISPO 2013

— Digital Cameras

New action cam round-up: Cameras go airborne, 3D and sideways

By - February 27, 2013 26 Pictures
Thanks to the surplus of affordable wearable video camera hardware, action sports enthusiasts no longer need a sponsorship or film crew to capture their biggest, most exciting trips and moves. Now all it takes is a couple hundred bucks. GoPro and Contour have been one-upping each other for years, and the big guns at Sony, JVC and Panasonic recently decided to join them. While walking the action cam section of the ISPO Munich sports show, we came across some additional competitors – with some very innovative hardware – from around the world. Read More
— Outdoors

Barefoot-style snowshoes? TSL Outdoors gives the Symbioz "hyper" flex

By - February 27, 2013 3 Pictures
Snowshoes can be quite stiff and uncomfortable to walk in, especially for the uninitiated. The qualities that make them good for walking on snow – a large surface surface area and rotating crampon – can make them rather gawky to use. French snowshoe manufacturer TSL Outdoor has a different vision for snowshoes. In an attempt to better connect the user with the terrain, the company has designed a new composite shoe called Symbioz that is much slimmer and more flexible than conventional designs. Read More
— Outdoors

HydraPak's new pocket-friendly SoftFlask collapsible water bottle

By - February 26, 2013 3 Pictures
While water bottles are great for staying hydrated, they aren't so great once you're hydrated and they're empty. Lugging an empty bottle around is rarely convenient, especially if you're doing something athletic like running – and there isn't always a recycling bin or garbage can around to ditch it in. HydraPak's new SoftFlask helps get the empty water bottle out of your way by collapsing into a tiny package. Read More
— Urban Transport

The Scuddy electric folding scooter stands up, sits down and trolleys

By - February 20, 2013 17 Pictures
The Segway never actually changed the way cities are built – or anything else for that matter – but to a certain segment of commuter, a small, light, zero-emissions mode of transportation remains quite attractive. The Scuddy is a German-built electric scooter that fits the bill. It folds up for easy transport, allows riders to sit or stand, and provides an attractive alternative to cars, bikes and motorcycles ... and Segways. Read More
— Outdoors

Swedish walking with bouncy BungyPump poles

By - February 19, 2013 6 Pictures
According to the American Nordic Walking Association, walking with poles burns more than 40 percent more calories per hour and works more muscles than normal walking. Swedish company BungyPump believes that it can better that further with its unique springy poles. We call it Swedish walking ("Nordic" includes Sweden, too, but Nordic walking is a Finnish export), and it's a potential new trend for fitness nuts. Read More

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