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iPod Docking Station

— Home Entertainment

iMirror home stereo iPod dock with full-feature LCD remote

By - August 23, 2007 1 Picture
August 24, 2007 With their mix of convenience, portability and ease of use, mini music players like the iPod are rapidly taking over from CD collections as many users’ primary music repositories – and as more consumers start connecting their iPods into their home stereo systems, remote-controlled audio docking stations like Bexy’s iMirror start to make a lot of sense. Just dock the iPod, pick up the iMirror remote control and you’ve got the full ability to manage your iPod remotely as it plays through your home stereo. Read More
— Mobile Technology

iPod dock puts emphasis on video

By - June 3, 2007 1 Picture
June 4, 2007 The convenience of using MP3 players as a single portable sound library whether at home, in the car or walking the dog, has become second nature to many of us, but the more recent trend towards video enabled devices is yet to attain quite the same level of acceptance. One new product aiming to fully exploit this video capability is the iVoice Direct Radiating iPod sound system which offers direct access to video output from iPod via connection to an external display device. The iVoice unit also enables simultaneous charging of the iPod whilst in operation and its USB interface means that full functionality such as access to iTunes is retained when the iPod is in the dock. Read More

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