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Audience response app for iPhone/iPod Touch

January 6, 2009 The Apple iPod/iPhone/iTunes App Store ecosystem is producing some remarkably useful tools for life, work, play, and now education. A free app for the iPhone or iPod Touch from ResponseWare transforms them into wireless, interactive audience response tools that could transform the way people learn and collaborate in many environments. The app allows alphanumeric entry for single response, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank and essay questions and the diversity of response types it offers enhances a presenter’s communication options. It displays the question and answer choices on the iPod/phone during polling and participants logged into an interactive session can review previous polls as well as instant message the leader/ with questions and feedback. Beyond education, we also see the platform getting a serious workout in any collaborative environment as a way of exploring and responding to the needs/views of an audience in any forum. This idea has legs!  Read More

yellowsn0w released: unlock your iPhone 3G

Dev-Team has made good on their promise of an unlock for the iPhone 3G, with an unexpected bonus: it will unlock phones running the latest firmware (2.2) and baseband (02.28.00).  Read More

Now available for $99

While rumors of Wal-Mart selling a 4GB iPhone for $99 have recently been smashed, there's still one way you can get your hands on an iPhone 3G for under US$100 - provided you're not averse to compromise.  Read More

Image via Gizmodo

Snapture Labs, the team behind the excellent Snapture camera software for the iPhone, have unveiled the SnaptureFlash - a protective iPhone case packing a Xenon flash with 50,000 lux brightness, which is about 100 times the brightness of your average LED flash.  Read More

iPhone running on a T-Mobile SIM

MuscleNerd from the infamous Dev-Team has publicly demonstrated the unlocking of an iPhone 3G, before switching to a T-Mobile SIM card and making a phone call. Dev-Team only has to package the software, codenamed 'yellowsn0w', into the slick, user-friendly form that you have come to expect from their QuickPwn tool and other software releases - and they hope to get this done in time for a New Year's Eve release. Click through for the demonstration video.  Read More

myPower provides electronic devices with a protective sleeve and an increased battery life...

Another solution for those looking for a little more up-time out of their iPhone, myPower is both a protective case and back-up power source which doubles iPhone battery life. myPower can fully charge in three hours, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod classic, iPod touch, and iPod video.  Read More

The i-Station25

One of the issues with many iPhone and iPod speaker docks is inability to view pictures or watch video in landscape view without straining your neck. The i-Station25 is the second design from Logic3 that's aimed at solving this problem, but rather than allowing the media player itself to be rotated this unit solves this problem with accelerometer technology that enables users to simply turn the whole thing sideways with out diminishing the sound output quality.  Read More

RichardSolo 1800, the brainchild of founder and former CEO of The Sharper Image, Richard Thalheimer, has launched a new back-up battery designed specifically for iPhones. The pocket-sized RichardSolo 1800 has the capacity to more than double the usage time of your iPhone.  Read More

The iPhone: Time waster extraordinaire

Apple has released statistics on the most downloaded iPhone applications of 2008, with a top ten list each for free and paid applications. One thing is for sure - iPhone developers looking to make a living should be concentrating on designing the next big iPhone game. Click through for the lists.  Read More

The Logic3 i-Station Rotate

Logic3 has come to the rescue of all those iPhone and iPod Touch users who have been straining their necks sideways so they can watch full screen videos while the iPhone or iPod is housed in their speaker dock. The i-Station Rotate is an iPhone/iPod speaker dock that features a clever built-in rotating mechanism that allows an iPhone, iPod Touch, or new iPod nano to be turned sideways for watching videos in all their widescreen glory.  Read More

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